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Elmore misses another court appearance while Oddey remains at shelter

By Howard B. Owens
Cassandra Elmore

The Batavia woman whose dog reportedly ingested narcotics, leading to her arrest and to the dog being confined to the Genesee County Animal Shelter, once again failed to appear in Batavia City Court as directed.

A motion hearing was scheduled for Thursday afternoon and Cassandra Elmore didn't make it.

Elmore's attorney, Jamie B. Welch, assistant public defender, told Judge Thomas Burns that he hasn't heard from nor been able to contact his client for weeks and did not know why she wasn't in court for the hearing.

Burns issued a warrant for her arrest but stayed it for 48 hours, giving Welch a little more time to try and track her down.

Elmore hasn't consistently missed her court appearances, but she did skip an appearance in September and was subsequently arrested.

The 30-year-old Elmore has promised that once the case is cleared, we will get "the real case."

Welch was prepared to file motions on her behalf on Thursday but told Burns he would rather hold those motions until Elmore can be present in court. Burns said he also thought that is the best way to proceed.

Elmore was first arrested in July after she had taken her French Bulldog, Oddey, to veterinarians for emergency treatment. In each case, the veterinarians determined Oddey had overdosed on narcotics. Twice the veterinarians said they suspected Oddey had ingested cocaine.  On one occasion, Elmore reportedly said Oddey had found white powder on the kitchen floor of her residence, then on River Street.

Since that arrest, Elmore has also been charged with criminal possession of a weapon, obstruction of governmental administration, aggravated unlicensed operation 3rd. 

Two members of Volunteers for Animals waited for nearly two hours Thursday to see if Elmore appeared.  After court, they said Oddey is doing well at the shelter.  Oddey, however, can't find a new forever home so long as Elmore retains ownership of the dog.

At her last court appearance, on Oct. 20, Elmore said she was willing to negotiate Oddey's future.  The volunteers said there have been negotiations but no resolution was reached.


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