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Memorial Day

May 30, 2022 - 10:11pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Memorial Day, byron, news.


As part of its Memorial Day observance, the Town of Byron honored Steve Vernaccini, a 99-year-old World War II veteran.  The Byron-Bergen High School band played the Star-Spangled Banner and Taps.

Photos and information submitted by Tamara Hillabush Walker.







May 30, 2022 - 9:55pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Memorial Day, Bethany Fire, news, Bethany.


Article and photos by Glenn Adams.

The Bethany Fire Department hosted a Memorial Day Celebration at the Genesee County Park Monday morning.

The service began at 7 a.m.

Veterans and their families gathered to reminisce and remember those who had fallen in the line of duty.

Coffee and doughnuts were provided by the fire department.

The featured speaker was Assemblyman Steve Hawley, who spoke about our country's stand against tyranny. He reminded us that freedom is not free: It is bought with a price.

A wreath was placed at the memorial, followed by the gun salute and the playing of taps.






May 30, 2022 - 6:15pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Memorial Day, batavia, news.


Batavia residents display the Stars and Stripes year around for the most part but in honor of Memorial Day, here is a sampling of some of those displays.

Top photo: Chestnut Street.


Kibbe Avenue


Otis Street


Elm Street


Fisher park


Vine Street


Vine Street


Vine Street


Vine Street


North Street


North Street




North Street

May 30, 2022 - 5:57pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Memorial Day, memorial day parade, batavia, news.















Photos by Howard Owens.

To purchase prints, click here.

More photos after the jump (click the headline)

May 30, 2022 - 4:18pm
posted by Steve Ognibene in Memorial Day, batavia, news.


Today at the UMMC Jerome Center, the site of the Genesee County War Memorial, veterans and citizens honored all war dead from Genesee County.  

The names of county veterans who have died since the previous Memorial Day were read and a flag placed to honor each of them in front of the memorial.

Memorial services were carried out by Veness-Strollo Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #1602, Glenn S. Loomis American Legion Post #332, and Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #193.

Photos by Steve Ognibene

To view or purchase prints, click here.









May 30, 2022 - 3:08pm
posted by Steve Ognibene in Memorial Day, batavia, Upton Monument, news.


U.S. Air Force airmen stand guard as a Memorial Day vigil at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, or the Upton Monument, this morning at Ellicott Street and Main in Batavia.

May 30, 2022 - 12:26am
posted by Press Release in Memorial Day, veterans, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, pack 6069, troop 6069, news.


Press release:

Cub Scouts from Pack 6069 and Boy Scout Troop 6069 placed flags in front of the headstones of veterans at the Batavia Historical Cemetery on Thursday, May 26th.   The Troop has been working with the cemetery's historical society several years on this project.  It is a pleasure for the Scouts to provide this service to their community.  Pack 6069 Committee Chairman Brown made sure to take the Cub Scouts to the grave site of Samuel Wood who is buried there.   Sam Wood is the name sake of Iroquois Trail Council's Cub Scout Resident Camp located in Pike, NY.  Sam Wood was the first Eagle Scout recorded in Genesee County.  Boy Scout Troop 6069 is chartered through the 1st Presbyterian Church in Batavia, and Cub Scout Pack 6069 meets at Jackson Primary School.






May 29, 2022 - 5:51pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in wny national cemetery, news, Memorial Day.


For the first time since it opened, veterans, family members, and area residents gathered at the WNY National Cemetery in Pembroke to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country as part of Memorial Day Weekend.

Photos by Alecia Kaus/Video News Service.








May 27, 2022 - 8:00am
posted by Anne Marie Starowitz in Memorial Day, news.


Pearl Harbor Day: December 7, 1941

 A Date that will Live in Infamy

When this headline reached Genesee County, people worldwide, especially in the United States, were shocked! The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Morale was down, and Americans needed something or someone to lift their spirits. That someone would be Jimmy Doolittle and our very own Edward J. (Cichowski) York. Jimmy Doolittle planned a raid on the capital of Japan.   He trained for a B-25 Mitchell twin-engine light to take off from the Navy carrier, the USS Hornet. Eddie York was one of Doolittle's members of the raid on April 18, 1942.   Col. James B. Sweeney, in 1984, 43 years after the 30 seconds over Tokyo, interviewed Colonel York. Here is what he said.

"I was a Squadron Commander at that time. We gathered in a room with General Doolittle, shook hands, shut the door, and he said, 'Gentlemen, we're going to bomb Tokyo.' We thought it was a joke at first. However, he outlined the plan very briefly. He told us, roughly, his plan, his thinking. We would have about 30 days to modify the aircraft, train, and prepare for the raid. I'd like to mention one thing that I've overlooked. That is the tremendous secrecy that had to surround this whole mission. Because if the word got out to the wrong people, it would be a failure, and it would be fatal to the folks that were going on it."

Doolittle's raid was the first attack against the Japanese homeland in World War II. The Batavia Daily News headlines read,


Captain E.J. York Ranks with Nation's No. 1

Heroes after Daring Flight. 

 May 20, 1942.

The sixteen B-25 Mitchell bombers dropped high explosive bombs on oil refineries, steelworks, factories, and electrical power plants. The raiders could bomb their targets but were running low on fuel after thirteen hours in the air. Eleven of the pilots told their crew to abandon the planes. Most of the crews were able to parachute without injury. One raider was killed in a hard landing, one crew member was captured, and a pilot and engineer were later executed. Four planes crash-landed and two crewmen died in one of the crashes.

The following headlines from The Daily News state:


Major E. J. York is the Only One of 16 pilots making a



Drastic Change in Plans Made

Dangerous Misson of 1942 More Dramatic

Here is what Colonel York recalls about the bombing.

"We'd been trained to pull the airplane up to 1500 feet before dropping bombs because the concussion was apt to cause damage to the airplane. At the proper time, I pulled the thing up to 1500 feet, dropped the bomb and I immediately pushed back down and forgot about staying there until the bombs went off. So we were rocked a little bit but no damage. By this time, I'd made up my mind not to go to China but to go to Siberia because of technical difficulties. I knew we were fighting on the same side in the war. 'According to international law, you must be interned.' I thought to myself, 'Oh damn, we're going to be here two or three days.' Well, the interment took place and we were still there 14 months later, at which time we got out. Eventually, we got back to the United States."

By 1945 York and his wife, Mary Elizabeth and their children resided in San Antonio, Texas. His military life did not end in Texas. The next headline on July 14, 1945, read;


For the next 18 months, Edward and his family resided in Warsaw, Poland. His ability to speak Polish and Russian helped troubled Poland set up a provisional government of national unity in Warsaw. In addition, his work won the recognition of the United States, Great Britain, and Russia.

He returned to the U.S. in 1947 and was assigned as commandant of the Air Force Officer Candidate School.  For the next 22 years, Colonel York had various assignments that took him to different countries and states. His military career spanned more than 30 years.

He served as air attaché to Denmark, serving as chief of the Air Force Section for the Military Assistance Advisory Group in Copenhagen, Denmark, chief of the Air Attaché Branch at Headquarters U.S. Air Force in the Pentagon, chief of staff for Headquarters Western Transport Air Force at Travis AFB, California, commander of an ICBM Site Activation Task Force at Larson AFB, Washington and chief of staff at Headquarters U.S. Air Force Security Service at Kelly AFB, Texas. He served as deputy commander at Headquarters U.S. Air Force Security Service from June 1966 until he retired from the Air Force on September 2, 1966. A military attaché is a military expert attached to a diplomatic mission (an attaché).     

Edward J. Cichowski was born on August 16, 1912, in Batavia, NY.  He was the son of Ignatius and Tekla Cichowski.  In 1905 his father, a Polish immigrant, arrived in the United States. Edward grew up at 101 Harvester Ave. He graduated from Batavia High School at fifteen in June 1928.   After high school, he joined the Army and later attended the United States Military Academy at West Point. He graduated in 1938 and immediately transferred to the Air Force and began flying at Randolph Field, TX. He was nicknamed York because he was from New York and it was probably easier to say than Cichowski.

On August 31, 1984, at the age of 72, retired Air Force Colonel York died in his home in San Antonio, Texas, of an apparent heart attack. He was buried at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas. He earned many decorations, including the Distinguished Flying Cross, Legion of Merit, the Chinese Army, Navy, and Air Corps Medal, and Class A, 1st Grade.            His Distinguished Flying Cross Citation reads: 

For extraordinary achievement while participating in a highly destructive raid on the Japanese mainland on April 18, 1942. Captain York volunteered for this mission, knowing that the chances of survival were extremely remote, and executed his part in it with great skill and daring. This achievement reflects high credit on Captain York and his military service.


May 20, 2022 - 8:00am
posted by Press Release in Memorial Day.

The Veterans Services Office released the following schedule for Memorial Day events, May 29 and May 30:

SUNDAY, May 29, 2022: Western New York National Cemetery (WNYNC) 1254 Indian Falls Road, Corfu, NY

  • The ceremony begins at 1400hrs.(2 p.m.) at the Main Flag Ceremonies site.

MONDAY, May 30, 2022
All ceremonies will include full military honors: Wreath Laying, Rifle Salute & Taps.

  • 7:00 a.m. – Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Genesee County Park, sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 193.
  • 8:00 a.m. – Williams Park (Batavia) W.W.I Memorial. This memorial honors the 35 Batavians who gave their lives in WORLD WAR I.
  • 8:30 a.m. - Batavia VAMC, at the main flagpole, sponsored by the VAMC.
  • 8:45 a.m. (approx.) - NYS Veterans Home, at the main flagpole, sponsored by the NYS Veterans Home.
  • 9:30 a.m. – Veterans Plot on Harvester Ave. This memorial honors all war dead of all wars in Elmwood and St. Joseph’s Cemeteries.
  • 10:00 a.m. - Upton Monument. This monument honors the dead of the Civil War, and all wars since.
  • 10:30 a.m. – UMMC Jerome Center. This is the site of the Genesee County War Memorial, honoring all war dead from Genesee County. The names of county veterans who have died since the previous Memorial Day will be read and a flag placed to honor each of them in front of the memorial.

Memorial services will be carried out by Veness-Strollo Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #1602, Glenn S. Loomis American Legion Post #332, and Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #193. 

May 18, 2022 - 9:08pm


Press Release:

The American Legion Post 576 Memorial Day Monday, May 30 Parade forms at 9:45 a.m. in the Legion parking lot. The parade starts at 10:30 a.m. and proceeds to Trigon Park.

Refreshments at the Legion after the ceremony. Hot dogs and soda

Photo: File photo by Rob Radley from 2917

May 18, 2022 - 6:39pm
posted by Joanne Beck in news, batavia, Memorial Day, parade.


File photo of a Memorial Day parade. Photo by Howard Owens.

City Councilman Bob Bialkowski, on behalf of the city, invites all community members, including groups, organizations and, especially, veterans to participate in this year's annual Memorial Day parade. 

"The city of Batavia is sponorsing the parade and looking forward to community support," he says. 

The parade is set to begin at 9:45 a.m. May 30 from Eastown Plaza moving west down Main Street to Bank Street, ending at the Alva Place parking lot. Any groups that would like to participate are asked to contact Bialkowski for planning purposes. He asks for everyone to "please keep the theme of respect to all our veterans and first responders."

Veterans can just show up at 9:15 a.m. May 30 at the Eastown Plaza parking lot on East Main Street, Bialkowski says. If any veteran needs a ride in the parade, or for more information, contact the councilman at (585) 409-3624.

"Let's show our support to our veterans and first responders," Bialkowski says. "Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy our annual parade. We will be handing out small American flags to the children."


April 8, 2022 - 3:17pm
posted by Press Release in Memorial Day, batavia, news.

Press release:

This is an invitation to all members of the community to participate in this year’s Batavia Memorial Day parade on Memorial Day, Monday May 30th, 2022.

The City of Batavia is sponsoring the parade and we are looking forward to community participation.  The parade will begin at 09:45 am from the Eastowne Plaza and end at the Alva Place parking lot.

Any veterans wishing to participate in the parade can just show up at 09:15. Veterans needing a ride in the parade please contact me. Any groups wishing to participate please let us know as all are welcome. Please keep the theme of respect to all our veterans and first responders.

We will be handing out small American Flags to the children

Let’s show our support to our veterans and first responders. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy our annual parade.

Thank you,
Bob Bialkowski
City of Batavia
Councilmember at Large
(585) 409-3624

June 1, 2021 - 5:08pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Memorial Day, video, batavia, veterans.
Video Sponsor
May 31, 2021 - 6:30pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Memorial Day, corfu, news.


This afternoon, Corfu held a Memorial Day Parade.

Photos by Philip Casper.















May 31, 2021 - 5:42pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Memorial Day, elba, news.


Elba Central School along with the Elba Betterment Committee held a Memorial Day Ceremony today at Maple Lawn Cemetery.

Photos by Debra Reilly.








May 31, 2021 - 3:48pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Memorial Day, veterans, batavia, news, notify.


Here are photos from the Memorial Day Ceremonies at the Veterans Hospital, the NYS Vets Home, the Upton Monument, and the War Memorial at Jerome Center.



















May 31, 2021 - 8:18am
posted by Howard B. Owens in Memorial Day, news, veterans.


Councilman Bob Bialkowski shared this Memorial Day photo of the front of his house. Bialkowski has organized today's Memorial Day Parade in Batavia, which starts in Eastown Plaza at 9:45 a.m.

Other events in the county today: 

  • Alexander: Ceremony in the Alexander Village Cemetery at 11 a.m.
  • Bergen: Ceremony at 9:30 a.m. in Hickory Park.
  • Byron: Ceremony in the Byron Cemetery at 11 a.m.
  • Corfu: Parade at noon from the Corfu Fire Hall to the Intermediate School. Ceremony to follow.
  • Elba: Ceremony at Maple Lawn Cemetery at 10 a.m.  
  • Le Roy: Parade at 10:30 a.m. starting at the American Legion Hall and ending at Trigon Park with a ceremony to follow.
  • Memorial services at the VA Center at 8:30 a.m., the NYS Vets Home at 8:45 a.m., Harvester Avenue at 9:30 a.m., Upton Monument at 10 a.m., the War Memorial at Jerome Center at 10:30  a.m., Glenn S. Loomis Grave, Elmwood Cemetery, 11:30 a.m., Hanson Brothers Grave, Grandview, at noon.
May 28, 2021 - 5:13pm
posted by Mike Pettinella in news, city of batavia, Memorial Day.

The city’s Memorial Day parade coordinator is promising a couple of surprises for Monday morning’s march from Eastown Plaza to Bank Street.

“We’ve been getting a lot of responses now, including a call from the Batavia Muckdogs, who said they will surprise us with something,” City Council member Robert Bialkowski said today.

When asked if some of the players will be participating, he said, “That would be nice, and it would be a first.”

Bialkowski also said that Dan Di Laura, owner of Dan’s Tire & Auto Service Center, agreed to park his new recovery truck at the corner of Main and Bank and fly a huge American flag from the vehicle’s 50-foot boom.

Additionally, 400 U.S. flags will be given to children along the route, he said.

“We welcome our veterans to join us,” he said. “Some will be riding and some will be walking, but all of them will be in front – right behind the color guard – where they belong.”

The parade is scheduled to start at 9:45 a.m. from the plaza.

Previously, Bialkowski said that the Batavia High School band will perform and he was hoping that other musical groups would as well. Marchers will include law enforcement and fire personnel.

To contact Bialkowski, call (585) 409-3624.

May 27, 2021 - 3:23pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, news, Memorial Day.

Sure, serving in the Army during World War II was the patriotic thing to do, says Batavia resident Harry Boyer, but he's also humble about his service to his country.

"I figured I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have to carry a rifle," Boyer said. "I was in the Signal Corps. I just did what I was supposed to do."

At 101, Boyer is likely to be the oldest veteran taking part in the City of Batavia's Memorial Day Parade on Monday. He will be part of the veterans contingent marching and riding with the Batavia Lions Club.

Boyer served in the Army Signal Corps, first in Italy, and then after the war ended in Europe, he was shipped off to the Philippines, arriving there the Friday before the war in the Pacific ended. He then participated in the occupation of Japan until his service time ended.

He said there was nothing remarkable about his time in the Army, repeating, "I just did what I was told to do."

The parade starts at Eastown Plaza at 9:45 a.m. and will proceed down Main Street to Bank Street before wrapping up at Alva Place. The current forecast for Monday is partly cloudy and a high of 70 degrees.

Submitted photo.

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