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June 8, 2017 - 8:08am
posted by Howard B. Owens in Kibbe Park, batavia, sports, softball.
The New Batavia Softball League's Wednesday Night Coed Week 5 Rundown from Kibbe Park...
Game 1
(Home) TF Browns Blind Squirrels (2-3) 6,2,0,0,2,6,x
(Away) T.N.B.S.L Slapnut Magoos (0-5) 5,3,0,0,0,1,1
M. Badami 1-3 1rbi
R. Sumeriski 4-4 2rbi
J. Dykstra 1-2 1rbi
J. Janes 0-2 2rbi 
C. Harrington 2-3 1rbi 
M. Jamil 3-3 5rbi
A. Ford 1-3 
L. Leto 3-4 2rbi
A. Ernst 3-4 2rbi
K. Rowland 1-3
H. Dempsey 1-4
S. Coffta 3-4
B. Burg 2-4
H. Rascoe 2-3 4rbi
M. Taylor 1-3 1rbi
Whitey 3-3 2rbi
A. Nichols 2-3 2rbi
C. Densmore 1-3
J. Petry 1-3
C. Rolle 1-3 1rbi
Lindsay 0-3
Anne 1-3
Game Recap-
As you can see this was an 8-8 game through 4 full innings. 10-9 home team after five and a half innings as Rascoe drills a shot deep to right center driving in Coffta. Sumeriski and Jamil respond taking advantage of the base runners in the bottom half of the 6th inning to pull away in this game. Highlight of the game Whitey turns back the hands of time and makes a what we'll say was running while leaping and extending to make a sportscenter play of the week. Was a great catch to say the least. The TF Browns Blind Squirrels (2-3) will have their double header next week as they first take on The Misfits (1-4) at 6pm followed by 97 Rock (4-1) at 7pm. T.N.B.S.L Slapnut Magoos (0-5) will be against Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (5-1) at 9pm...
Game 2 Wednesday Night Coed
(Home) The Gallaghers (4-2) 1,15,3,0, mercy
(Away) Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (5-1) 3,0,2,0,0, mercied
M. McMurray 2-3 3rbi 
Tom Sauka 3-4 4rbi
S. Prusinowski 1-4 1rbi
S. Varnell 2-3
N. Holley 3-3 1rbi
L. Tillery 1-3 2rbi
A. Prusinowski 2-3
T. Sanchez 2-2 2rbi
J. Marucci 3-3 3rbi
J. Vasi 1-3 1rbi
N. Gaudy 2-3 2rbi
M. Funke 0-1 1rbi
J. Huertas 2-2
V. Redman 2-2 2rbi
T. Lazik 0-2
M. Good 1-2 1rbi
C. Spurling 1-2 1rbi
D. Callahan 0-2
J. D'Alba 1-2
T. Maurer 1-2
V. Thomas 1-2
J. Janes 0-2
D. Leach 1-2
B. Spurling 0-1
Game Recap-
The biggest surprise by far belong to The Gallaghers. Off to a 4-2 start and not only overcame being -$4200 moneyline Las Vegas underdogs for the victory, they only needed 4 innings of at bats to Allstate's 5 at bats to win via mercy rule. Maverick and Sauka drive in 3 runs a piece in the 15 run second inning combining to hit 4-4. That was just 1 inning alone. I don't speak for everybody but I certainly would have had my money on Golliath not David in this matchup. The Gallaghers (4-2) will be against Wii Not Fit (3-3) at 8pm while Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (5-1) take on T.N.B.S.L Slapnut Magoos (0-5) at 9pm Wednesday at Kibbe Park.
Game 3 Wednesday Night Coed
(Home) Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (5-1) 1,10,0,0,3,0,4 (18)
(Away) Wii Not Fit (3-3) 3,0,2,0,0,6,6 (17)
D. Leach 3-4 2rbi
T. Maurer 3-4 4rbi
J. Huertas 4-4 1rbi
T. Lazik 4-4 2rbi
V. Thomas 2-4 2rbi
V. Redman 2-3 3rbi
M. Funke 2-3 1rbi
C. Spurling 0-1 2rbi
D. Callahan 2-3
M. Good 1-3
K. Rowland 0-2 1rbi
B. Spurling 2-3
J. DiAlba 2-3
N. Gaudy 5-5 2rbi
C. Dowling 2-3 4rbi
E. Davis 4-5 3rbi
M. Dwyer 3-5 2rbi
C. Chinn 3-4 1rbi
J. Stymus 0-2 1rbi
P. Mutter 0-3 1rbi
G. Hodges 1-3
C. Hall 1-3 1rbi
J. Palaszynski 2-4 1rbi
D. Coley 2-3 1rbi
Game Recap-
This game was looking to get out of hand after the wheels were appearing to fall off fast for Wii Not Fit giving up a 10 run outburst in the second inning by Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate who were extra motivated in lieu of avenging their stunning loss the game prior. Huertas continues his hot bat as Maurer's RBI total may have passed Joe Mauer's total in the majors which he gets paid to do. Wii Not Fit doesn't give up and like they do often, making the game suspenseful and close. Lots of excitement in this one. Facing adversity nearly being mercied down 14-5 after 5 at bats, the away team scores 6 in the 6th capped off by a Dwyer homer. Davis would cap off another 6 run inning in the top half of the 7th with a homer which would land Wii Not Fit the 17-14 lead with the home team up to bat trailing. Single, double, single, single, and then a walk off single by Thomas all in succession later Allstate wins 18-17. Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (5-1) will be facing T.N.B.S.L Slapnut Magoos (0-5) at 9pm while Wii Not Fit (3-3) will be against The Gallaghers (4-2) at 8pm in a week 1 rematch which seen Wii Not Fit win 8-7.
Game 4 Wednesday Night Coed
(Home) The Misfits (1-4) 0,0,0,1,1,2, mercied
(Away) 97 Rock (4-1) 5,5,0,3,0,0,1 = mercy
B. Whitehead 1-3
J. Lee 1-3
J. Maskell 1-3
Dio 3-3 1rbi
D. Pirincci 1-3 1rbi
C. Weibel 0-1 1rbi
M. Ayers 1-3 1rbi
K. McGill 0-2
S. Bischoff 0-1
S. Oddo 1-3
L. Phillips 1-5 2rbi
N. Cummings 3-5
S. George 4-5 2rbi
D. Cervone 2-3
D. Cummings 2-4 1rbi
L. Stout 2-4 2rbi
D. Ball 4-4 2rbi
S. Krna 3-4 2rbi
Madison 1-4 1rbi
B. Welker 1-4 1rbi
Game Recap-
The Misfits do their best to stop the bleeding as 97 Rock gets all 10 batters to the plate in innings 1 and 2. Can't single any one player out for 97 Rock as they produced with a well balanced attack 1-10. For The Misfits it wasn't all bad as they did get to participate in over 6 innings here. Pirincci, Dioguardi, Weibel, and Ayers all knock in a run as Whitehead and McGill continue to impress in the field. The Misfits (1-4) move on from this and they will match up against the TF Browns Blind Squirrels (2-3) at 6pm weather permitting. 97 Rock (4-1) will also play the TF Browns Blind Squirrels (2-3) but at 7pm.
The New Batavia Softball League's Thursday Night Men's League Week 4 Rundown from Kibbe Park...
Game 1
(Home) TF Browns Beers N Bombs (2-1) 0,0,11,0,0,3,x...
(Away) TF Browns Commissioners Crew (2-3) 2,0,1,0,4,2,0
Nick 2-4 1rbi
Bud 2-3 1rbi
Brett 1-3 1rbi
Tenney 3-3 2rbi
Perl 1-3 1rbi
Trev 2-3 1rbi
Mitch 1-3
Luke 1-3
Red 2-3 2rbi
Radka 2-3 2rbi
Rich 1-2 1rbi
Jake 1-2 2rbi
The Cross Face Chicken Wing 1-2
A. Jarvela 2-3
G. Cassidy 1-2 2rbi
J. Dykstra 1-2 1rbi
A. Oklevitch 1-2 1rbi
C. Densmore 3-3 2rbi
M. Jamil 2-3 3rbi
R. Sumeriski 0-4
Dio 0-4
M. Greene 1-3
K. Oklevitch 2-3
Game Recap-
As you can tell from the box score all it takes is one melt down inning to lose a game. Unfortunately for the TF Browns Commissioner's Crew the third inning happened as the home team drops an 11 spot hitting the ball all over the place. TF Browns Beers N Bombs scored 7 runs before even recording an out. In the bottom half of the sixth inning Red McDonald surprises as he delivers a power shot driving in some insurance runs. The away team would be shut down silently in the top of the seventh and the game ends as the home team doesn't even need last ups to seal the deal in this game. TF Browns Commissioners Crew (2-3) will face U.S.P.S (2-2) at 9pm at Kibbe Park. TF Browns Beers N Bombs (2-1) will first face the TF Browns Master Batters (1-3) at 6pm at Kibbe Park, followed by facing Cummings/Lee (4-0) also at Kibbe Park starting at 7pm. Week 1 rained out game is getting made up here.
Thursday Night Men's League Week 4...
Game 2
(Home) Fava Brothers Lawn Care (3-1) 2,1,1,0,0,3,1
(Away) U.S.P.S. (2-2) 0,0,0,0,5,2,0
J. Muoio 1-4
M. McMurray 1-4 2rbi
Phil Fava 2-3
Pat Fava 2-4
N. Cavalieri 2-4 2rbi
S. Varnell 1-3 1rbi
M. Badami 2-3
R. Dumuhoski 3-4 1rbi
B. Falitico 2-3 1rbi
J. Diehl 3-3 1rbi
A. Ernst 1-3 1rbi
K. Abdulsalam 2-4 1rbi
R. Lehner 2-4 3rbi
M. Pullyblank 2-4
Big Shawn 2-4 1rbi
J. Bieber 0-4
B. Kotarski 2-4
J. Cordeiro 1-3
R. Neth 1-3
Nate 1-2 1rbi
Game Recap-
Pitcher for U.S.P.S. Jim Bieber strikes out 3 Fava Brother batters, Neth makes a couple circus catches while still learning how to hit, and Lehner drives in 3, but it wasn't enough as Fava Brothers Lawn Care come through in the bottom of the 7th when Varnell delivers a leadoff triple. They would intentionally walk Badami to face Dumuhoski. Dumo delivers a walk off single to steal the victory. Fava Brothers Lawn Care (3-1) will be at Williams Park starting at 6pm Thursday against Balls Deep (0-4). U.S.P.S. (2-2) has a double header first against Cummings/Lee (4-0) at 8pm held at Kibbe Park. Followed by the 9pm game at Kibbe Park against TF Browns Commissioner's Crew (2-3).
Thursday Night Men's League Week 4...
Game 3
(Home) Cummings/Lee (4-0) 4,4,1,3,8,mercy
(Away) Balls Deep (0-4) 4,1,0,2,2,0
S. Coffta 3-4 2rbi
N. Cummings 2-4 1rbi
S. George 4-5 2rbi
D. Cummings 3-3 1rbi
Jake 3-3 3rbi
J. Lee 2-2 4rbi
B. Burg 3-3 3rbi
D. Ball 1-3 2rbi
T. Shelby 2-4 2rbi
Zach 2-3
D. Uline 3-4
M. Lewter 4-4 2rbi
A. Lewter 2-3 1rbi
K. Dougherty 3-4 3rbi
TJ Czworka 0-2
C. Sponholz 1-4 2rbi
Zalar 1-3
TJ Henderson 1-3 1rbi
J. Santiago 0-1
R. Lundy 1-3
Thursday Night Men's League Week 4...
Game 4
(Home) Cummings/Lee (4-0) 11,3,0,2,5,1,mercy
(Away) TF Browns Master Batters (1-3) 3,2,2,3,0,2
S. Coffta 3-5 2rbi
N. Cummings 3-5 3rbi
S. George 3-4 2rbi
D. Cummings 3-5 2rbi
Jake 2-5 1rbi
Jarad 3-5 1rbi
B. Burg 2-4 2rbi
D. Ball 3-4 3rbi
T. Shelby 4-4 2rbi
Zach 3-3 3rbi
Away B. Whitehead 2-4
C. Halsey 0-2
Tom Sauka 2-3 2rbi
E. Kitanic 2-4 1rbi
A. Prusinowski 3-3 3rbi
D. Pirincci 3-3 3rbi
N. Cook 1-4 2rbi
Hoss 1-4
Sam Oddo 1-3
J. Burdick 2-3 1rbi
June 6, 2017 - 5:50pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in softball, sports, oakfield-alabama, Oakfield.


Oakfield-Alabama Girls 12-U All-Star Softball Team Captures 1st-Place in Avon Tournament

What: Alan Bailey Softball Tournament

Where: Avon Driving Park

When: Saturday 06.03.2017

Game #1: 

Oakfield-Alabama Hornets – 8

Avon – 1

Game #2:

Oakfield-Alabama Hornets – 5

Victor Vipers (Black) – 4

Championship Game:

Oakfield-Alabama Hornets – 9

Victor Vipers (Pink) – 7

Oakfield-Alabama Hornets - Tournament Division MVP (2nd MVP Award in the past 3-years) – Jenna Gilbert (Pitched 3 amazing games!!!)

Oakfield-Alabama Tournament All-Stars - Makena Reding & Caitlin Ryan


Teresa Tobolski

Mike Cianfrini

Dusty Reding



Caitlyn Kotarski

Josie Reding

Jenna Gilbert

Makena Reding

Andrea Bradt

Kara Tobolski

Josephine Carabello

Caitlin Ryan

Katie Raziano

Brooke Reding

McKenna Johnson

Sophia Cianfrini

Kayleigh Williams


May 30, 2017 - 1:44pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in softball, sports, batavia.

Submitted info:

The New Batavia Softball League's Week 4 results and recaps all from Kibbe Park...
The New Batavia Softball League's Wednesday Night Wednesday Night Coed Week 4 Recap from Kibbe Park...
Game 1
(Home) 97 Rock (3-1) 1,1,1,7,3,0,x
(Away) Wii Not Fit (2-2) 4,1,1,4,0,0,0
N. Cummings 4-4 2rbi
D. Ball 2-3 1rbi
S. George 2-3 2rbi
L. Stout 1-4 1rbi
D. Cummings 1-4 1rbi
S. Krna 3-4 1rbi
D. Cervone 2-4 2rbi
B. Gillagan 3-4 1rbi
K. Cervone 2-4
J. Quinn 1-2 2rbi
E. Davis 3-4 3rbi
C. Chinn 1-3 1rbi
M. Dwyer 3-3
N. Gaudy 1-3 2rbi
G. Hodges 1-3 2rbi
J. Stymus 1-3 1rbi
P. Mutter 1-3
J. Pal 2-3 1rbi
D. Gioia 0-3
N. Nicameti 1-3
D. Coley 1-3
J. Molisani 0-1
C. Hall 0-1
Game Recap-
Not to take away from N. Cummings who may never have a perfect box score at the plate again, but the women of 97 Rock really went to work. Batting 6-14 (.429 average) and driving in 5 big runs I believe was the difference in this game. Stout, D. Cervone, K. Cervone, K. Cervone, and J. Quinn all went to work. Takes a lot matching the bat of E. Davis this season who every time box scores are tallied has a full line. Krna starts off the 4th inning with a double and as they would bat around he would deliver a single later in the inning to drive in a run tying the game 10-10. Kim, Jenna, and Nate all score in the 5th to give 97 Rock a 13-10 lead which they would hold onto at the conclusion of the game. 97 Rock (3-1) takes their 3 game winning streak with them next week against The Misfits (1-3) at 9pm. Wii Not Fit (2-2) who has made every game suspenseful faces Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (4-0) at 8pm weather permitting...
Game 2 Wednesday Night Coed
(Home) Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (4-0) 1,5,0,4,3, mercy
(Away) The Misfits (1-3) 1,0,0,0,0,0
B. Spurling 4-4 2rbi
J. Huertas 2-3 4rbi
T. Maurer 3-4 1rbi
T. Lazik 2-4 4rbi
L. Chatt 1-4
M. Good 1-3
C. Spurling 2-3
R. Rowcliff 1-3
D. Callahan 2-3 1rbi
V. Redman 2-3 1rbi
B. Whitehead 1-3
S. Curry 0-3
J. Maskell 1-3
D. Pirincci 1-3 1rbi
Dio 1-2
C. Weibel 0-2
M. Ayers 2-2
K. McGill 1-2
A. Blanco 0-2
J. Potter 0-1
Game Recap-
Well this game started out promising for the misfits as B. Whitehead leads off the game with a single and would later score on a Pirincci rbi single. The Misfits would only give up (my fingers are burning typing this) a leadoff home run to B. Spurling in the bottom half of the 1st inning as the game was tied concluding the inning at one. Unfortunately the wheels would fall off for The Misfits following. Thankfully the wheels stay on the 4 Wheeler Weibel provides to drag rake the infield. Huertas and Lazik continue pounding the ball, bringing many base runners across home plate. Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (4-0) will have their double header next Wednesday starting at 7pm against The Gallaghers (3-2) then at 8pm against Wii Not Fit (2-2). The Misfits (1-3) will face 97 Rock (3-1) at 9pm if we can get some nice weather this year...
Game 3 Wednesday Night Coed
(Home) Wii Not Fit (3-2) 6,1,0,0,4,3,x 
(Away) T.N.B.S.L. Slapnut Magoos (0-4) 0,0,3,1,2,3,0
E. Davis 3-3 2rbi
C. Chinn 3-3 3rbi
M. Dwyer 2-3 1rbi
N. Gaudy 1-2 2rbi
G. Hodges 1-3 1rbi
J. Stymus 1-3 1rbi
D. Gioia 1-3
J. Pal 2-3 1rbi
O. Thomas 2-3 1rbi
J. Molisani 0-1 1rbi
C. Hall 1-3
P. Mutter 2-3 1rbi
S. Coffta 1-3 2rbi
B. Burg 2-4 1rbi
A. Ford 0-3
H. Rascoe 2-3 1rbi
Bobby Joe 0-3
C. Densmore 1-3
Whitey 2-3
M. Taylor 0-3
A. Nichols 3-3 1rbi
J. Cone 3-3 3rbi
J. Petry 0-3
C. Rolle 2-3 1rbi
Game Recap-
Wii Not Fit gets back on track after losing the first game of their double header slapping another loss to the record of T.N.B.S.L. Slapnut Magoos. Davis goes 6-7 with 5 rbi in the twin cap and Chinn really delivers in this game knocking in an rbi in 3 out of her 4 at bats. The bright spot for the winless magoos at least is that they lasted 7 innings in this one, showing massive improvement. Bad news is the gentleman need their ladies to pick it up and help them out. 0-12 won't help win many games. T.N.B.S.L. Slapnut Magoos (0-4) will look for their first win against a team not doing much better than them, the TF Browns Blind Squirrels (1-3) at 6pm. Wii Not Fit (3-2) will look to carry over their momentum against Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (4-0) who have their own momentum currently going. That game is scheduled for 8pm if the weather allows it...
Game 4 Wednesday Night Coed
(Home) TF Browns Blind Squirrels (1-3) 1,0,7,0,2,1,7 (18)
(Away) The Gallaghers (3-2) 5,11,0,0,0,1,3 (20)
M. Badami 4-5 2rbi
R. Sumeriski 4-5 3rbi
H. Dempsey 2-5 1rbi
J. Lee 2-5 1rbi
C. Harrington 4-5 3rbi
A. Ford 2-5 1rbi
M. Leto 3-4 1rbi 
M. Greene 3-5 1rbi
K. Rowland 1-5 1rbi
M. Jamil 4-5 3rbi
TJ Sauka 5-6 3rbi
Tom Sauka 4-6 1rbi
S. Prusinowski 1-2 1rbi
A. Prusinowski 2-5 4rbi
B. Culliton 4-5 2rbi
T. Sanchez 1-4 1rbi
L. Tillery 1-4 1rbi
M. Saxman 3-4 2rbi
J. Marucci 3-5 3rbi
J. Vasi 2-4 2rbi
Game Recap-
Not one single player on either team in this game fell short of driving in at least 1 run during this monster scoring game. The Gallaghers came out full throttle on the verge of ending this game early via mercy. Building a 16-1 lead. Every single player in the first 2 innings for The Gallaghers crossed the plate, including Tom Sauka who scored three times across those two innings. TF Browns Blind Squirrels would extend the game longer as they located their gloves and remembered how to swing a bat including K. Rowland with an impressive line drive RBI single lazering past the third baseman in the air, scoring seven in the third inning and shutting out the away team for three straight innings. TJ Sauka would knock in 2 runs top of the 7th inning to extend the lead to 9 runs after J. Lee walks J. Vasi just prior with 2 outs to load the bases. Home team with their last ups trailing by 9 has M. Jamil lead off the inning with an opposite field home run after being called out by teammate R. Sumeriski who said that they would follow his lead good or bad. The team responds and bats around to give Jamil a chance to tie the game with a runner on 2nd base with 2 outs. Garbage hit fly ball to left center ends the game as TJ Sauka catches the can of corn sealing the deal and the comeback attempt falls short for the home team. The Gallaghers (3-2) will take on Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (4-0) at 7pmWednesday night while the struggling TF Browns Blind Squirrels (1-3) square up against The New Batavia Softball League's Slaput Magoos (0-4) at 6pm weather permitting. The good news for both those teams are is somebody will come out with a victory as T.N.B.S.L. Slapnut Magoos are on a 4 game losing streak, while the TF Browns Blind Squirrels carry their own impressive 3 game losing streak.
May 22, 2017 - 11:04am
posted by Howard B. Owens in softball, sports, batavia.
The New Batavia Softball League's Week 3 Wednesday Night Coed Recap...
Game 1
(Home) Wii Not Fit (2-1) 4,3,0,0,0,0,0
(Away) The Misfits (1-2) 0,1,2,5,0,1,0
B. Whitehead 4-5
M. Pontillo 1-4 1rbi
T. Carabello Williams 2-4 3rbi
T. Ray 3-4 2rbi
Dio 2-4 1rbi
C. Weibel 0-3 1rbi
D. Pirincci 4-4
J. Maskell 1-4
M. Ayers 2-4 1rbi
J. Weinert 1-4
N. Gaudy 2-3 1rbi
G. Hodges 0-3
E. Davis 2-3 4rbi
J. Stymus 0-3
M. Dwyer 1-3
J. Cooper 1-3 1rbi
P. Mutter 3-3 1rbi
C. Chinn 2-3
D. Gioia 0-3
J. Pal 1-3
C. Hall 0-2
D. Coley 1-2
Game Recap-
Wii Not Fit jumps out to a fast 7-1 lead as Eddie Davis drives in 4 runs his first 2 at bats. The running around the bases was put to a halt possibly due to the fact that they may have warned us with their name about being out of shape. Just weren't fit for this match up with The Misfits who found their way to their first victory of the season. Wii Not Fit likes to keep us entertained making sure every game thus far comes down to the last at bat. Very suspenseful. The Misfits pitcher Tony Ray did call out before the game that he was going to strike out Darnell Coley and he delivered on his word. Pirincci and Mutter keep their hot streaks up. Carabello/Williams defeat Cooper. Wii Not Fit (2-1) takes on 97 Rock (2-1) next week Wednesday at 6pm then Wii Not Fit (2-1) will complete their double header at 8pm against The New Batavia Softball League's Slapnut Magoos (0-3). The Misfits (1-2) look to build off their momentum in a tough matchup against Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (3-0) team at 7pm. Kibbe Park is where it's all at...
Game 2 Wednesday Night Coed Softball League
(Home) TF Brown's Blind Squirrels (1-2) 3,3,2,3,4,1,1
(Away) Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (3-0) 3,0,1,3,11,3,0
R. Sumeriski 3-4 3rbi
P. Mush 4-5 3rbi
J. Janes 1-4
J. Dykstra 3-4 4rbi
C. Harrington 2-3 1rbi
M. Badami 2-4 2rbi
L. Leto 2-4 1rbi
H. Dempsey 2-4
M. Jamil 2-3 1rbi
J. Petry 0-3 1rbi
J. Lee 2-3 1rbi
D. Leach 2-4 3rbi
V. Redman 3-5 1rbi
J. Huertas 3-4 3rbi
T. Lazik 4-5
T. Maurer 3-4 4rbi
M. Good 3-5 1rbi
D. Callahan 3-4 2rbi
C. Spurling 1-4 1rbi
M. Funke 2-3 2rbi
R. Rowcliff 3-4 1rbi
B. Spurling 3-4 3rbi
Game Recap-
TF Browns Blind Squirrels scored every single inning, problem is that it wasn't enough nor did they remember how to field a softball in many innings. Turned into a chippy game among many friends due to the first real adversity that Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate have faced all season. If you tuned into this game you could see the hedging excuses building up. Unfortunately for the Blind Squirrels Spurling and Maurer show their leadership to get their team back to focused, eliminating whining as they turned an 11-7 hurdle into an 18-11 lead. Remember page 46 of your certified rule book that our U.S.S.S.A fully certified umpires have gone by for decades has stated 2 bases on all overthrows. Defined on page 1 of the extra set of rules, rule number 8 broken down and pretty much defined to a T. They'll face each other week 7 in what may be another football score. Taylor Maurer and Brandon Spurling drive in 7 of the 21 runs scored, handing out insurance that the Blind Squirrels will continue their 2 game losing streak. Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (3-0) will face The Misfits (1-2) at 7pm while TF Browns Blind Squirrels (1-2) will be up against The Gallaghers (2-2) at 9pm eastern standard time…
Game 3 Wednesday Night Coed
(Home) The Gallaghers (2-2) 0,4,1,2,0,1,0
(Away) 97 Rock (2-1) 1,1,5,1,0,5,0
TJ Sauka 1-5 1rbi
S. Prusnowski 3-4
Tom Sauka 2-3 1rbi
A. Prusnowski 2-4 2rbi
L. Tillery 0-3 1rbi
M. Saxman 2-2
T. Sanchez 1-2
N. Scarborough 3-4 2rbi
J. Vasi 1-2 1rbi
J. Martinez 1-4
L. Phillips 2-5
N. Cummings 3-4 3rbi
S. George 3-4 2rbi
D. Cervone 1-4 1rbi
D. Cummings 2-4
D. Ball 2-3 1rbi
L. Stout 1-2 3rbi
S. Krna 2-3 3rbi
B. Welker 1-4
J. Quinn 1-4
Game Recap-
Things fell apart for The Gallaghers come the 3rd inning and 6th inning as 97 Rock(s) around the bases for their 1st of two 5 run rallies. Nate Cummings finally delivers what may be his first two career extra base hits as Doug smiles like the proud father he is witnessing that. Could possibly be once in a lifetime. 97 Rock chases home plate many times chasing away The Gallaghers from Showtime sending them to Netflix. Pretty even matchup here. Was more entertaining watching this game than watching the Mets recently. The Gallaghers (2-2) will face the TF Browns Blind Squirrels (1-2) at 9pm next week, while 97 Rock (2-1) will be up against Wii Not Fit (2-1) at 6pm to start the night off…
Game 4 Wednesday Night Coed
(Home) The Gallaghers (2-2) 2,6,1,3,0,4 mercy
(Away) The New Batavia Softball League's Slapnut Magoos (0-3) 3,0,2,0,1,0
M. Saxman 3-4 1rbi
TJ Sauka 2-4 1rbi
S. Prusinowski 2-4 1rbi
Tom Sauka 4-4 4rbi
N. Scarborough 4-4 2rbi
L. Tillery 2-4 1rbi
A. Prusinowski 2-4 2rbi
T. Sanchez 1-3 1rbi
J. Martinez 2-4 1rbi
J. Vasi 3-4 2rbi
S. Cofta 1-5
Lindsay 1-4
J. Cone 2-3 1rbi
H. Rascoe 2-3 2rbi
C. Densmore 3-3 1rbi
Emily 0-2
A. Nichols 1-2 2rbi
B. Burg 2-3
K. Rowland 1-3
C. Rolle 2-2
M. Taylor 1-3
Game Recap-
The game started off fairly well for T.N.B.S.L. Slapnut Magoos as they put up a 3 spot with Cone and Rascoe driving in the runs. They would only allow 2 with each Sauka delivering an rbi. But after being down 3-2 after the 1st inning The Gallaghers came alive with every single player bringing in at least 1 run. Tom Sauka brings in 4 while going 4-4 at the plate and Vasi has a career night getting 3 hits and driving in a pair. T.N.B.S.L. Slapnut Magoos are making strides as they lasted 6 innings in this one. T.N.B.S.L. Slapnut Magoos (0-3) face Wii Not Fit (2-1) at 8pm as The Gallaghers go on to face TF Browns Blind Squirrels (1-2) at 9pm next weekWednesday weather permitting. We'll see if mother nature holds off her onslaught...
The New Batavia Softball League’s Thursday Night Men's League Softball Week 3 Rundown…
Game 1
(Home) Fava Brothers Lawn Care (2-1) 13,3,5 mercy
(Away) TF Browns Master Batters (1-2) 2,0,0,0
J. Muoio 3-4 2rbi
M. McMurray 3-4 6rbi
Phil Fava 4-4 2rbi
Pat Fava 2-4
N. Cavalieri 2-2 2rbi
D. Crofts 3-3 2rbi
S. Varnell 2-3 2rbi
J. Rodriguez 1-3 1rbi
J. Diehl 2-2 2rbi
Bill Fava 3-3 2rbi
TJ Sauka 0-2
N. Holley 1-1
S. Curry 0-1
B. Adams 1-2 2rbi
O. Thomas 1-2
D. Pirincci 0-1
B. Whitehead 0-2
N. Cook 0-1
A. Prusinowski 0-1
J. Burdick 1-2
Game Recap-
How does one approach this write up? We'll go with the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for this one. The Good- everybody aside from Pat Fava delivered an rbi for Fava Brothers Lawn Care. Everybody besides Pat Fava and Rodriguez drove in 2 runs. McMurray and Phil Fava have their career season totals alone on this night. Bill Fava shows he's still got it as well. For the TF Browns Master Batters the good was they showed plate discipline loading the bases on walks to start the game as B. Adams delivers a 2 rbi single to start off on the right foot...
The Bad- TF Browns Master Batters strand 8 men on base. Have to bring those runs home when you have your chances. They could never stop the bleeding or catch their breath after the first gut punch. For Fava Brothers Lawn Care there wasn't much. Just some walk issues and Pat Fava ending the innings not once, but twice with soft outs. Bat please!
The Ugly- poor Steven Curry pushed into playing out of position at 3rd base fields a grounder and uncorks a throw that cracks Joe Muoio in the skull as the ball and Joe's head get better acquainted. Curry feels bad to this minute but Muoio did pass the league's concussion protocol to finish this game out...
Fava Brothers Lawn Care (2-1) take on the surprising U.S.P.S. (2-1) at 7pm in a rivalry game from last season as U.S.P.S. swept them. TF Browns Master Batters (1-2) will face Cummings/Lee (2-0) at 9pm as long as the weather cooperates next week Thursday night…
Thursday Night Men's League Game 2...
(Home) TF Browns Beers N Bombs (1-1) 2,0,2,0,1,0,0
(Away) U.S.P.S. (2-1) 0,4,0,0,1,0,3
Midget 3-3 1rbi
Jake 1-3
Brett 1-3
T. Ray 3-3 3rbi
Tenney 2-3 1rbi
Perl 1-3
Jwash 0-3
Bud 1-3
Swim 0-3
Radka 2-3
Trev 0-3
Red 0-3
A. Ernst 2-3 1rbi
K. Abdusalaam 4-4 1rbi
R. Lehner 2-4
Big Sean 2-4 3rbi
J. Bieber 2-4
B. Kotarski 0-3
C. Dilcher 1-3
J. Cordeiro 1-2
AJ Osterman 1-3 1rbi
R. Neth 3-3
N. Burrow 1-3 2rbi
Game Recap-
This game turned out to be the showcase game of the night. Tied 4-4 most of the game until Khalid drives in Burrow to give the U.S.P.S. a short term lead because in the bottom half of the 5th Radka smacks a leadoff double with Midget driving him in to even the score at 5-5. No action in the 6th inning. Top half of the 7th the old timers get 3 straight singles from the top of thier order while down to their final out. Big Sean delivers via special delivery a bases clearing go ahead double deep to left center field. Bud leads off the bottom of the 7th with a single, but Bieber on the mound would allow no more as the U.S.P.S. stuns us all defeating TF Browns Beers N Bombs 8-5. U.S.P.S. (2-1) takes on Fava Brothers Lawn Care (2-1) next Thursday at 7pm while TF Browns Beers N Bombs (1-1) face TF Browns Commissioner's Crew (2-2) at6pm…
Thursday Night Men's League Game 3
(Home) TF Browns Commissioner's Crew (2-2) 2,3,2,1,0,0 mercied
(Away) Cummings/Lee (2-0) 3,2,0,1,0,8,4 (could have been more)
G. Cassidy 2-3
M. Jamil 1-3 1rbi (Takes too many pitches strikes out napping)
A. Jarvella 2-3 2rbi
C. Densmore 3-3 2rbi
A. Oklevitch 1-3 1rbi
K. Oklevitch 0-3
J. Cooper 0-1
M. Greene 2-3 1rbi
R. Sumeriski 1-3
Dio 1-3
Big Sean 1-3 1rbi
S. Coffta 4-4 3rbi
N. Cummings 2-5 1rbi
Jake 3-4 3rbi
Josh 4-5 3rbi
D. Cummings 4-5 4rbi
J. Lee 2-5 2rbi
D. Ball 2-4 1rbi
B. Burg 0-4
Zach 2-4
S. George 3-3 1rbi
Game Recap-
TF Browns Commissioner's Crew implodes late game. The bat was too heavy to swing for Jamil as he watches a strike 3 nick the inside of the mat deep. Leading 8-6 entering the 6th inning, nothing goes right for TF Browns Commissioner's Crew after the umpire does not do his job properly, pausing the game for minutes whining to a player in the outfield to save him from words that he apparently doesn't even hear. The home team literally gets amnesia when it comes to winning a softball game in this match up. Some how Coffta finds a power stroke and just takes the cover off of the ball with 2 triples! If you missed it in this one, you missed his career game here. Could have been an even bigger blowout had the mercy rule not kicked in. Cummings/Lee (2-0) has a double header next week weather permitting as the start off against Balls Deep (0-3) at 8pm. Following the conclusion of that game facing TF Browns Master Batters (1-2) at 9pm. TF Browns Commissioner's Crew (2-2) square off against TF Browns Beers N Bombs (1-1) at 6pm…
Game 4 Thursday Night Men's Softball League
(Home) Balls Deep (0-3) 5,0,2,0,3,1,2
(Away) TF Browns Commissioner's Crew (2-2) 5,8,4,0,3,0,0
D. Uline 2-5 1rbi
A. Lewter 2-5
K. Dougherty 4-4 1rbi
M. Lewter 3-4 2rbi
Zalar 2-4 1rbi
Czworka 4-4 4rbi
C. Sponholz 3-4 1rbi
J. Santiago 1-4
R. Lundy 4-4 2rbi
J. Marucci 2-4 1rbi
J. Cooper 4-5 3rbi
G. Cassidy 2-4 1rbi
A. Jarvella 4-4 4rbi
Big Sean 2-4 1rbi
C. Densmore 3-4 2rbi
A. Oklevitch 2-4 2rbi
M. Jamil 3-4 3rbi
R. Sumeriski 1-4 1rbi
M. Greene 2-4 1rbi
K. Oklevitch 2-4 1rbi
Dio 2-3 1rbi
Game Recap-
Balls Deep immediately responds to TF Browns Commissioner's Crew's initial charge matching 5s in the first inning. The wheels would soon fall of for the home team though they showed no quit at all. Improving drastically and showing promise for future weeks to eventually sneak into the win column. Dougherty, Czworka, and Canada's own Richard (Ree-shard) Lundy (Loon-day) all can't be put out in this one. Work to do for Commissioner's Crew as the road doesn't get any easier coming up. One more note, the umpire Russ loses his mind yet again so he loses his job. He can go spend money and golf Thursday nights instead of making money. The ejection won't count against Balls Deep for tie breaker purposes. After review it's been rescinded and the umpire is permanently ejected from this league. TF Browns Commissioner's Crew (2-2) will take on TF Browns Beers N Bombs (1-1) at 6pm while Balls Deep (0-3) plays Cummings/Lee (2-0) at 8pm.
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Batavia's two girls 12U fast-pitch softball teams got to play for the first time yesterday on the field at Genesee Community College, which Coach Matt Landers said was a real treat for the girls.

Sophia Papponetti got the win on the mound for the Batavia Black squad, with Emma Bigsby taking the loss Batavia Yellow. Landers said it was a close game until the sixth when Batavia Black broke open the game to secure a 19-11 win.

Submitted photos and information.




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The New Batavia Softball League's Week 2 Wednesday Night Coed Recap...
Game 1
(Home) Wii Not Fit (2-0) 0,1,0,4,2,0,1
(Away) TF Browns Blind Squirrels (1-1) 1,0,0,4,0,0,2
G. Hodges 1-4
C. Dowling 2-4 1rbi
E. Davis 1-3 1rbi
Chas 1-3 1rbi
J. Stymus 2-3
M. Dwyer 2-3 1rbi
N. Gaudy 3-3 1rbi
C. Hall 0-3
P. Mutter 1-2 2rbi
J. Palazynski 1-3 1rbi
D. Gioia 1-2
D. Coley 0-2
R. Sumeriski 1-3
J. Dykstra 3-4
J. Janes 0-4
C. Harrington 1-3 1rbi
M. Jamil 1-3 1rbi
A. Ford 1-3
J. Lee 1-3 1rbi
H. Dempsey 1-2 1rbi
M. Greene 1-3 1rbi
J. Petry 1-3
P. Fava 3-3 2rbi
Neither team played to the level of their potential tonight as Wii Not Fit wins again 8-7. Dowling hits a walk off blast to break the 7-7 tie in the bottom of the 7th after D. Coley pulls himself during clutch time after his 0-2 night at the plate in prior at bats. Jamil let his team down at the plate big time tonight, owes his team after this loss in a friendly rivalry game. Very tight game all the way through. Wii Not Fit (2-0) faces The Misfits (0-2) at 6pm next Wednesday night at Kibbe Park in Batavia….
Game 2
(Home) The Misfits (0-2) 2,0,1,1,3
(Away) The Gallaghers (1-1) 1,3,6,6,3 mercy
B. Whitehead 1-3
S. Curry 1-1
J. Maskell 2-3
D. Dioguardi 2-3 1rbi
M. Ayers 1-1 2rbi
T. Williams 0-2 1rbi
J. Potter 1-2 1rbi
D. Pirincci 3-3 1rbi
C. Weibel 1-3
K. McGill 1-2 1rbi
TJ Sauka 4-4 6rbi
S. Prusnowski 4-5 2rbi
Tom Sauka 3-5 2rbi
L. Tillery 1-3 2rbi
A. Prusnowski 3-4 1rbi
M. Saxman 4-4 1rbi
T. Sanchez 1-3
J. Santiago 3-3 3rbi
J. Vasi 0-3
D. Uline 4-4 3rbi
Recap- The Misfits struck early with Steven Curry adding to his league high taking walks total. In the first inning Dio and Ayers each drove in 2 out runs. They unfortunately started to fade away as The Gallaghers started to steam roll. Top through bottom they just kept torturing the ball. TJ Sauka with a career game looked like with his 6rbi. The Gallaghers (1-1) have a double header next Wednesday starting at 8pm against 97 Rock (1-1) and then following at 9pm against The New Batavia Softball League sponsored Slap Nut Magoos (0-2). The Misfits (0-2) hope to rebound against the gritty team called Wii Not Fit (2-0) at 6pm. All games at Kibbe Park….
Game 3
(Home) 97 Rock (1-1) 2,2,9,3
(Away) T.N.B.S.L Slapnut Magoos (0-2) 0,1,0,0 mercy
L. Phillips 2-3 2rbi
N. Cummings 2-3 1rbi
S. George 3-3 3rbi
B. Welker 0-3
D. Marshall 3-3 2rbi
D. Cummings 2-3 1rbi
D. Cervone 1-1 2bi
D. Ball 2-3
S. Krna 3-3 3rbi
J. Quinn 2-2 2rbi
K. Cervone 1-2
S. Cofta 0-1
L. Eley 0-2
A. Nichols 0-2
H. Rascoe 2-2
M. Taylor 0-2
C. Rolle 1-2 1rbi
B. Burg 0-1
C. Densmore 1-1
K. Rowland 0-1
J. Petry 0-1
Recap- Watching this game what comes to mind for the Slapnut Magoos was that they may actually be a team full of Mr. Magoos. I now know why they coined themselves what they did. It was their first game of the season but they had to have been using rusty bats or something in this one. The game was close before the first pitch was thrown at least. 97 Rock did just the exact opposite of that ending it quickly. Individual players from 97 Rock had almost as many hits as the entire Magoo squad combined. 97 Rock (1-1) will play the Gallaghers next Wednesday night at 8pm as T.N.B.S.L Slapnut Magoos (0-2) also play The Gallaghers (1-1) but this one starts at 9pm. Kibbe Park is where the action all takes place….
Game 4
(Home) Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (2-0) 1,0,5,1,5,4 mercy
(Away) T.N.B.S.L Slapnut Magoos (0-2) 1,4,0,0,1,0
D. Leach 3-4 2rbi
T. Maurer 1-4 2rbi
M. Funke 4-4 1rbi
J. Huertas 4-4 5rbi
A. Paige 1-4 1rbi
V. Thomas 1-4
M. Good 2-4 1rbi
V. Redman 3-4 2rbi
C. Spurling 3-3
B. Spurling 1-3 2rbi
S. Cofta 2-3 2rbi
L. Eley 0-4
A. Nichols 2-4 2rbi
H. Rascoe 2-3 1rbi
M. Taylor 2-3
C. Rolle 2-3
B. Burg 1-3
C. Densmore 1-2 1rbi
K. Rowland 0-2
J. Petry 2-3
T.N.B.S.L Slapnut Magoos at least made it to the 6th inning in this one. Actually had a lead twice against Allstate who as of now is looking like the team to beat. Well balanced attack from everybody on Allstate. Little sister Crystal looks to be trying to teach older brother Brandon how to hit the ball without forcing people already on base out. Three and four hitters Funke and Huertas went a combined 8-8 this week driving in a lot. That's not going to happen next week when Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (2-0) play against TF Browns Blind Squirrels (1-1) at 7pm. T.N.B.S.L Slapnut Magoos (0-2) will go against The Gallaghers (1-1) at 9pm in hopes of playing to their capabilities.
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The New Batavia Softball League's Week 2 Thursday Night Coed Recap...
Game 1
(Home) Balls Deep (0-2) 3,1,0,0,0
(Away) TF Browns Beers N Bombs (1-0) 5,8,1,2,0 mercy
D. Uline 3-3 1rbi
A. Lewter 2-3
K. Dougherty 1-2 2rbi
Zalar 1-2 1rbi
C. Sponholz 0-2
Czworka 1-1
R. Lundy 0-2
J. Santiago 0-1
Jonny 0-2
TJ Henderson 0-2
J. Marucci 0-1
Nick 3-3
Jake 1-2 2rbi
B. Scheurlein 3-3 2rbi
T. Ray 3-3 3rbi
Tenney 2-3 2rbi
Perl 2-3 1rbi
Luke 2-3
T. Rarick 1-3 2rbi
M. Francis 0-3
Bud 2-3
Radka 1-2 3rbi
R. Mcdonald 2-3
Swim 2-3 1rbi
Both teams scored a bunch in the first inning which ended 5-3 for the away team. They sustained as the home team fizzled out. Balls Deep were chasing many softballs hit deep in this one. Lots of action by two highly respectful teams. Next Thursday night at 7pm TF Browns Beers N Bombs (1-0) will face the U.S.P.S (1-1) in a rematch of the semi finals last year in the playoffs. High profile game there. Balls Deep (0-2) will try to turn their luck around as they take on TF Browns Commissioner's Crew (1-1) at 9pm. All games are at Kibbe unless informed otherwise due to weather…
Game 2
(Home) U.S.P.S (1-1) 2,0,3,2,1
(Away) TF Browns Commissioner's Crew (1-1) 7,8,0,0,9 mercy
A. Ernst 3-3
Khalid 2-3
R. Lehner 3-3 2rbi
M. Pullyblank 2-3 1rbi
J. Bieber 2-3 2rbi
B. Kotarski 2-3 1rbi
R. Neth 0-3
AJ Osterman 0-2
J. Cordeiro 1-2
N. Bonner 1-2 1rbi
Carl 1-2 1rbi
G. Cassidy 4-5 6rbi
J. Cooper 4-5 3rbi
J. Dykstra 4-5 2rbi
C. Densmore 2-4 3rbi
R. Sumeriski 4-4 1rbi
K. Oklevitch 1-4
A. Oklevitch 2-3 2rbi
D. Dioguardi 2-3 1rbi
M. Greene 3-4 2rbi
M. Jamil 3-4 4rbi
After this game, the members of Commissioner's Crew are not anticipating receiving their mail after delivering 24 runs against the respected U.S.P.S. The away team started the matchup out by stamping a 7 spot after batting around and never looked back. TF Browns Commissioner's Crew (1-1) will take on Balls Deep (0-2) next Thursday at 9pm as the U.S.P.S (1-1) will face TF Browns Beers N Bombs (1-0) at 7pm…
Game 3
(Home) U.S.P.S. (1-1) 13,1,2 mercy
(Away) TF Browns Master Batters (1-1) 0,0,0,0
A. Ernst 3-3 2rbi
Khalid 2-3
R. Lehner 3-3 3rbi
M. Pullyblank 3-3 4bi
J. Bieber 3-3 1rbi
B. Kotarski 2-3 2rbi
Carl 1-3 1rbi
J. Cordeiro 1-2
AJ Osterman 1-2 2rbi
R. Neth 2-2 1rbi
N. Bonner 1-2
B. Whitehead 0-2
TJ Sauka 2-2
Tom Sauka 0-2
E. Kitanik 0-2
B. Adams 0-2
A. Prusnowski 0-1
S. Curry 0-1
N. Cook 0-1
D. Pirincci 1-1
J. Burdick 0-1
The U.S.P.S takes out their earlier frustrations on the Master Batters early and end the game fast. Pirincci does continue his hot streak this week hitting a triple with one out in the third inning but couldn't score to avoid the shutout gem pitched by Bieber. Lehner and Pullyblank deliver 7 of the 16 runs scored in this one. The U.S.P.S (1-1) takes on TF Browns Beers N Bombs (1-0) next Thursday at 7pm while the TF Browns Master Batters (1-1) look to rebound when facing Fava Brothers Lawn Care (1-1) at 6pm…
Game 4 Thursday Night Men’s League
(Home) Cummings/Lee (1-0) 1,3,2,6,6,3,1
(Away) Fava Brothers Lawn Care (1-1) 1,1,3,2,6,1,0
Dave 3-6
N. Cummings 3-4 2rbi
S. George 3-6
J. Olszewski 4-6 2rbi
D. Cummings 5-6 5rbi
D. Marshall 2-5 2rbi
J. Quinn 5-5 4rbi
J. Lee 4-5 1rbi
B. Burg 3-4 5rbi
Z. Ewert 1-4 1rbi
J. Muoio 3-5 3rbi
M. Mcmurray 0-2
S. Varnell 1-3 1rbi
N. Cavalieri 3-4 1rbi
M. Badami 1-2 1rbi
D. Crofts 0-2
Pat Fava 2-3 3rbi
R. Dumohowski 1-2 2rbi
J. Jackson 1-3 1rbi
Phil Fava 3-4 1rbi
J. Diehl 1-3 1rbi
In a high scoring action packed game Fava Brothers Lawn Care fall to Cummings/Lee by a touchdown and two point conversion 22-14. Doug Cummings I would assume needed medical assistance getting out of bedFriday morning after all the swinging and running he had to do. He combined with Quinn and Burg drove in as many runs as Fava Brothers Lawn Care did. Fava Brothers did answer back with 6 runs in the 5th to extend the game with a Pat Fava bases clearing triple in the mix. Unfortunately, Pat would kill the 6th inning rally hitting into an inning ending double play taking the wind out of their sails against Closing Pitcher Jarad Lee. No clutch gene. Cummings/Lee (1-0) will go against TF Browns Commissioner’s Crew (1-1) at 8pm and Fava Brothers Lawn Care (1-1) will face TF Browns Master Batters (1-1) at 6pm next Thursday night at Kibbe Park.
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Submitted info:

Wednesday Night Coed Softball Game 1 results and box score...
TF Browns Blind Squirrels (away)- 3,3,3,1,0,3,1
The Misfits (home)-                          0,0,3,0,0,1, mercy
Final 14-4 (away)
R. Sumeriski 4-4 3rbi
C. Harrington 2-4 2rbi
A. Ford 1-4
J. Dykstra 2-4 1rbi
M. Jamil 4-4 2rbi
L. Leto 2-4 2rbi
J. Janes 2-4 2rbi
J. Lee 2-4 1rbi
H. Dempsey 2-3
J. Petry 0-3 1rbi...
B. Whitehead 2-3
M. Ayers 2-3 1rbi
C. Weibel 0-3
J. Potter 0-3
S. Curry 2-3
K. McGill 0-3
D. Pirincci 3-3 1rbi
M. Greene 1-3 1rbi
J. Maskell 0-2 1rbi...
The New Batavia Softball League's Coed season begins at Kibbe Park and so do the hopes for 7 teams as they chase the championship trophy. Game 1 unfortunately was over before it started as the TF Brown's Blind Squirrels (1-0) reassure The Misfits (0-1) that the team name does fit in a 14-4 final. Proud of every player on both sides. Fun natured trash talk amongst many friends and some new faces have joined which we are always proud to have. TF Brown's Blind Squirrels (1-0) will be visiting against Wii Not Fit (1-0) Wednesday May 3rd in a rivalry game starting at 6pm. Kibbe Park is where all the games will be held.
Wednesday Coed Week 1 game 2 results and box score...
Final 19-11 (away) Kibbe Park
Allstate (away) 0,0,3,6,7,3,0
97 Rock (home)0,1,0,1,6,3,0
D. Leach 2-4 2rbi
T. Maurer 1-5 1rbi
J. Huertas 5-5 4rbi
T. Lazik 3-4 3rbi
R. Funke 2-4 1rbi
A. Page 0-2 1rbi
D. Callahan 3-4 1rbi
C. Spurling 1-3 1rbi
M. Funke 3-4 2rbi
V. Redman 3-4 1rbi
B. Spurling 2-2 2rbi...
L. Phillips 2-3
N. Cummings 3-4 2rbi
S. George 2-4 1rbi
D. Cervone 2-4 2rbi
D. Marshall 3-4 3rbi
D. Cummings 2-4 1rbi
J. Quinn 1-3 2rbi
D. Ball 1-4
K. Cervone 1-4
T. Quinn 1-3

Game 2 of opening night was a pretty high scoring afair that started off slowly as the rust was getting removed from the off-season for these teams. Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (1-0) spread the wealth with everybody batting in at least one run in their matchup against the respected bunch from 97 Rock (0-1) who made a push later but it was too much to overcome. Andrew Steinbrenner's Allstate (1-0) next week go on to face The New Batavia Softball League's sponsored Slapnut Magoos (0-0) starting at 9pm. 97 Rock (0-1) will be also facing The New Batavia Softball League's sponsored Slapnut Magoos (0-0) as they come off their needed bye week right into a double header to catch up. Start time 8pm at Kibbe Park.

Wednesday Night Coed Week 1 game 3 results and Box Scores...
8-7 final (home) Kibbe Park
The Gallaghers (away)0,1,0,2,2,2,0
Wii Not Fit (home)       0,0,6,0,1,0,1
N. Gaudy 2-4 
C. Dowling 4-4
E. Davis 1-3 1rbi
M. Dwyer 3-3 3rbi
J. Stymus 1-2 1rbi
G. Hodges 2-3 2rbi
J. Palaszynski 1-3
V. Redman(roster sub used) 1-3
P. Mutter 1-3
D. Gioia 1-3
N. Nicometi 1-3 1rbi
D. Coley 1-3...
TJ Sauka 1-4
T. Sanchez 1-4
Tom Sauka 2-4 2rbi
T. Towner 1-4
L. Tillery 2-3
J. Marucci 2-3
A. Prusinowski 1-3 1rbi
M. Saxman 3-3 2rbi
J. Martinez 2-3 2rbi
J. Vasi 0-3... (illegal lineup! no more than 3 males in a row)
Now the final game of our opening night for Coed softball under the lights at Kibbe Park Wednesday's turned out to be the game of the week. Absolute prime time deserving. Wii Not Fit (1-0) jumped out to a five run lead after The Gallagher's (0-1) scored first. The Gallagher's then chip, chip, chipped away to tie the game as Wii Not Fit stranded the bases loaded with only one out in the sixth inning. Tom Sauka hit a triple in the top of the seventh inning to avenge a bad news bears base running blunder earlier in the game, but would not get any further. Wii Not Fit the home team with last ups loaded the bases again with one out and M. Dwyer delivered a walk off high sacrifice fly as The Gallagher's could not get out of the bases loaded jam this time. Wii Not Fit (1-0) will be looking at their first loss of the season as they take on the TF Brown's Blind Squirrels (1-0) next week at 6pm. Very fun and entertaining opening night of sofbtall at Kibbe Park.
April 22, 2017 - 6:58pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in softball, sports, batavia, news.


After running teams for a couple of years in Byron-Bergen, Stan Kaus and Matt Landers got to talking last year about getting more girls involved in fastpitch softball and bringing the teams back to Batavia.

"After last year we decided there are more girls in Batavia who want to play softball, so we kind of looked at each other and said, ‘Are you sure you want to go bigger?’ and we said, ‘as long as the parents step up and help,' " Kaus said.

The response, Kaus said, "has been phenomenal."

The new Batavia Girls Fastpitch is incorporating as a nonprofit with an eight-person board. There are eight new coaches, 17 sponsors and so far 35 girls signed up.

There are two 12-and-under teams and for the first time a 10-U team. Next Tuesday, they will host a meeting to form at least one, and maybe two, 15-U teams, which will add another 12 to maybe more than 20 more girls participating.

"I think the word will get out," Kaus said. "I think a lot of girls felt their only choice for playing ball was Little League. I think if they can come out and watch softball and see fastpitch, I think it will be great."

The Stingers, as the teams are known, also have new uniforms.

"The fact that it's back and we're breathing new life into fastpitch softball is kind of exciting," Kaus said.






April 4, 2017 - 1:30pm
posted by Destin Danser in pembroke, alexander, high school sports, softball, sports.


The Pembroke Lady Dragons Varsity Softball Team dropped its home opener to the visiting Alexander Trojans 6-2 on Monday night.

Leading scorers for Alexander were Hannah Paolucci and Lindsay Czechowski, with two runs each. 

Photos provided by Destin Danser Photography. To view complete album and purchase prints, click here. 



July 21, 2016 - 3:17pm

Press release:

Whether you are just learning or have some experience on the mound, this camp is designed to take you to take the individual pitcher to the next level of performance. From beginner to advanced, camp members will be be able to refine their mechanics and gain new drills for individual pitches. Cost is $50.

Each pitcher must supply their own catcher.

For more information or to register, please contact Coach Kevin Walkowski at 716-983-5809.

WHAT: Blue Devil Softball Pitching Camp
WHEN: Aug. 10th - 12th from 9 a.m. - noon each day
WHERE: Batavia High School Softball Field, 260 State St., Batavia

June 2, 2016 - 2:23pm

Press release:

Over the next four weekends (until July 3) Genesee County will host more than 10,000 baseball and softball players, coaches, families and fans at the “Sixth Annual Darien Lake Tournament Series.”

The tournament, which began on May 27, is produced by Pitch ‘n' Hit Events and Darien Lake Amusement Park, will take place at numerous ballfields throughout Genesee County.

The tournament will feature 300 teams from numerous states and Western New York. The ages of the players range from 10 years old to 18 years old, and include both baseball and fast-pitch softball.

The influx of visitors is expected to create more than a $1,005,000 economic impact during the span of both tournaments through staying in hotels and visiting local restaurants and shops. The tournament will generate over 2,160 room nights at our area hotels.

The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce will assist visitors in finding local destinations by providing the new dining guide, maps, visitors guide and area coupons.

May 27, 2016 - 11:12pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in softball, sports, Batavia HS.


Batavia High School's softball team lost 14-4 today to Geneseo in a Class A2 title game played at Brockport HS.

These pictures are from the final inning and a half.







May 27, 2016 - 12:39pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in softball, sports, Notre Dame.


With a 7-6 win over Lyndonville in the Section V Class D2 championship softball game yesterday, the Fighting Irish became Notre Dame's 80th girls team across all sports to win a sectional title.

Notre Dame took a 6-1 lead into the sixth, but Lyndonville put together a rally to tie the game. The Irish won on a walk to Jessica Bukowski with the bases loaded, bringing Callie McCulley in to score.

Photo submitted by Kathy Antinore.

May 26, 2016 - 10:59am
posted by Howard B. Owens in softball, oakfield-alabama, sports, Oakfield, Alabama.


In the Class C2 softball final played at GCC, Oakfield-Alabama lost 9-1 yesterday to Caledonia-Mumford.

The No.1 seed Red Raiders were led by tournament MVP Emily MacDonald, who pitched a four-hitter and K'd 10 Hornets.





May 26, 2016 - 10:39am
posted by Howard B. Owens in Le Roy, softball, sports.


Le Roy beat Wellsville yesterday, 3-1, to become the Section V Class B2 champion in softball.

Ally Uberty gave up just three hits and fanned 16 and was named tournament MVP.

Erin Cappotelli and Taylor Sherman each had two hits and an RBI for the Oatkan Knights.

Le Roy hadn't won a softball title since 1988.

Photos submitted by Tim McArdle.





May 24, 2016 - 11:44am
posted by Howard B. Owens in oakfield-alabama, softball, sports, Oakfield, Alabama.


Oakfield-Alabama will advance to the Section V, Class C2 championship game after beating Geneseo on Monday at GCC, 4-2. 

Hannah LaGrou tripled home her sister Madi for the go-ahead run. Hannah later scored on a wild pitch.

O-A faces Cal-Mum at 5 p.m., Wednesday, at GCC in the final.







June 8, 2015 - 9:22am
posted by Howard B. Owens in softball, sports, oakfield-alabama.



The Oakfield-Alabama Hornets 12U Girls Softball Team took First Place at the Alan Bailey Tournament hosted in Avon at the Driving Park on Saturday. 

The Hornets beat Livonia 19-5 in the first game.

They beat Webster 7-6 for the championship. 

Jenna Gilbert pitched a half inning shy of two complete games for the Hornets. She was named MVP for the Hornets team. Kodi Beehler and Jordyn Tobolski were recognized as Tournament All-stars.

Photo and info submitted by Marc Johnson.

May 13, 2015 - 8:10am
posted by Howard B. Owens in sports, high school sports, batavia, softball, tennis.


With this post, we catch up with a couple of sports-related submissions that we hadn't gotten to yet.

Above, the Batavia JV softball team after its victory in the Pembroke JV softball tournament. The team beat Notre Dame 8-4 and Pembroke 10-6.

The team: Liz Piedmont, Emma Dunn, Nataleigh Rivera Ellis, Alexis Merriam, Maiya Reinhart, Gabz Havens, Assistant Coach Rick Smith, Stephanie Hoy, Courtney Biegasiewicz, Cheyenne Richardson, Shelby Weis, Katie Ange, Coach Jim Fazio, and Stephanie Shultz. Also on the team are Jasmine Barber and Nashalie Vasquez-Vega.

Submitted by Jim Fazio.


Earlier this week, Jeff Redband advanced to the boys varsity tennis state qualifier tournament in singles for the fourth consecutive year by finishing third in the Class B sectionals. Also Samir Jain and Jon McMaster (not pictured) advanced by finishing third in the doubles tournament.

Submitted by Scott Lawniczak.

May 9, 2015 - 6:34pm
posted by Andrew Crofts in sports, GCC, softball.
  The Genesee Community College softball team lost the third and final game of the Region III Division III Group B Finals series to Hudson Valley Community College on Saturday afternoon by a final score of 16-5. The Cougars forced a game three after a comeback win on Friday night but fell behind after the Vikings scored two in the top of the first on Saturday. Genesee responded in the home-half of the inning after Karissa Schuster led off with a single and came around to score on a Shannon Baker hit. The Cougars added two more runs in the inning and took a 3-2 lead into the second. Baker retired HVCC in order in the second but surrendered five runs on two hits and two walks in the third, which put the Vikings in the lead for good. Hudson Valley added two more in the fourth before GCC scored twice in the bottom of the inning to cut the lead to 9-5, but the Cougars send just two batters over the minimun to the plate the rest of the way and did not cross the plate again. Schuster finished the game 3-4 with two runs scored. Dani Wilshire and Chelsey Ruzewski each collected two hits and Georgie Miller went 1-4 with a run scored and a run batted in. Shuster and Baker were both named to the Region III Group B All-Tournament team for Genesee, which finishes the season 25-11


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