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PBA legend Mark Roth succumbs at age 70

By Mike Pettinella


Mark Roth of Fulton, one of the greatest bowlers in Professional Bowlers Association Tour history and a member of four Halls of Fame, died Friday at the age of 70 due to congestive heart failure and complications following a diagnosis of pneumonia.

A 34-time PBA Tour champion, Roth had been in poor health after suffering a massive stroke in 2009 that left him partially paralyzed on his left side.

Roth, who revolutionized the game in the 1970s and 1980s with his high-revving style, is ranked No. 5 all-time of the PBA’s list of “50 Greatest Players of the Last 50 Years.”

He was inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame in 1987, the United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame in 2009, the New York State USBC Hall of Fame in 2010 and the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 2014.

The Brooklyn native holds the PBA record with eight titles in a single season (1978) and won four PBA Player of the Year honors -- 1977, 1978, 1979 and 1984.

In 1980, he became the first bowler in history to convert the 7-10 split on a PBA Tour telecast, a feat that only has been accomplished four times since.

Among Roth’s PBA Tour titles were two major victories – the 1984 U.S. Open and PBA Touring Players Championship. He also went on to collect a pair of victories on the PBA50 Tour.

One of Roth’s biggest rivals on the lanes was fellow hall of famer Marshall Holman, but the two also were one of the sport’s most revered doubles teams.

They won three doubles titles together, and the PBA Tour schedule currently includes an event named in their honor – the PBA Roth/Holman Doubles Championship.

Roth is survived by his wife, Denise.

Photo above: Mark Roth, right, being inducted into the New York State USBC Hall of Fame in 2010 in Niagara Falls. Fran Bax, a director of the state association at the time, is at left. Photo by Mike Pettinella.


Christmas comes early for Mount Morris Lanes bowler V.J. Frew in the form of a 300 game

By Mike Pettinella


After struggling through a couple of subpar games in the Saturday Night Mixed League at Mount Morris Lanes last week, Piffard resident Venitha "V.J." Frew knew she had to do something to change the pace.

So, with her sister on hand to watch her bowl, the 46-year-old right-hander decided that they would get on their cell phones and conduct the family’s traditional Christmas present draw.

Little did Frew -- formerly V.J. Ellis prior to her marriage to George Frew in September -- know that Christmas would come early for her in the form of a 300 game.

By rolling 12 consecutive strikes in that third game, Frew became just the second woman to reach perfection at the eight-lane establishment.

Frew, who is employed as the meat and produce team leader at the Geneseo Walmart, opened the session with games of 156 and 113, much lower than her 169 average. A bowler for many years in Hornell, she said she had averaged around 190 in the past and had a 288 high game to her credit.

These days, she’s bowling twice a week at Mount Morris Lanes – on Saturdays on a team with her husband, and Sam and Ashley Repass (George’s daughter) and on Tuesdays on a team with George; her daughter, Courtney McDaniel, and friend, David Lohmer.

Ironically, this past Saturday she was bowling against a team of McDaniel, Lohmer, daughter Mackenzie Towner and son-in-law Corey Towner.

After the 113 game that saw her leave seven splits, Frew said she just "needed to regroup."

"The only changes I made is I just relaxed," she said. "And the funny thing is (which helped her during the third game) I was distracted. My sister, who lives an hour away, had come over that night to the bowling alley. Since we all always do a family Christmas draw, we got my phone and her phone and another phone and kind of like video-chatted all of our children. And we sat there drawing names out for the Christmas draw."

She said she just got up to bowl, set her feet, looked at her mark and let the ball go.

"I didn’t even pay attention. I actually thought I had had a spare in the first or second frame. So, I didn't even know how many strikes I had in a row. After I threw the first strike in the 10th frame, I heard my husband in the background cheering. I said, 'Oh, cool' and looked up at the screen and thought, 'Oh my goodness.'"

That's when the nerves set in, she said.

"I started trembling very badly. And I got up there and I apparently rushed myself, although I didn't feel that I did," she said.

It was then that another bowler, Jamie Watson, got up and made his delivery in attempt to slow Frew down a bit.

Following the 11th strike, she said all she thought about was keeping the ball out of the channel.

"All I kept saying is do not pitch it in the gutter, do not pitch it in the gutter," she said. "So, I let it go and it was a good ball. And I knew even if I only got nine or eight pins, I was going to be more than satisfied because my high game before that was 288."

Frew said she was fortunate in that three of her deliveries crossed over to the Brooklyn side but her 15-pound Roto Grip UFO knocked down all the pins each time.

The previous 300 game by a woman at Mount Morris Lanes was rolled by Amanda Coniglio of Mount Morris on Feb. 23, 2015.

Frew said she is opting for the ring from the USBC, personalized with her initials and Mount Morris Lanes, New York on it. She also will receive a plaque from the Genesee Region USBC.

Submitted photo: VJ Frew reacts after rolling a 300 game last Saturday at Mount Morris Lanes.

Albion's Cole wins Genesee Region USBC Senior Masters

By Mike Pettinella


Albion’s Reid Cole stepped into the Genesee Region USBC Senior Masters Tournament winner’s circle for the first time Saturday, topping LeRoyan John Lowe, 179-138, in the title match at Perry Bowling Center.

The 62-year-old right-hander was at or near the top of the standings throughout the scratch singles event’s four rounds, averaging 214 for his seven games. He earned $300, a free entry into the GRUSBC Scratch Memorial Tournament and a plaque for his efforts.

Only three other bowlers averaged 200 or better on the challenging lane conditions – Lowe (200), who won $160; Mike Johnson of Batavia (203), who placed third for $120, and Don Parrott of Warsaw (211), who finished fourth for $90.

Lowe defeated Johnson, 175-166, in the opening game of the three-bowler stepladder finals to earn the right to face Cole.

Cole was the third-high qualifier with 669 for three games, and then posted 393 in the two-game semifinals to reach the top six. From there, he rolled a 257 game to claim the top spot in the finals.

Lowe recorded 706 in qualifying – second to Parrott’s 709 – and went on to roll 386 for two games in the second round and 197 in the third round to advance. Johnson qualified seventh with 637 before posting 417 in the second round and 202 in the third round.

Bill Logan of Albion and two-time defending champion Mickey Hyde placed fifth and sixth, respectively, each winning $90.

Other cashers, all for $70, were Brett Van Duser of Perry, Duane Barrett of Warsaw, Scott Shields of Batavia, Fred Walters of Perry, Paul Spiotta of Batavia and Matt Balduf of South Byron. Steve Krna of Alexander cashed for $50.

The tournament drew 42 entries – 24 from the ages of 50-59, 12 from 60-69 and six in the 70 and over bracket.


Forty women competed in the 36th Gladys Ford Memorial Women's Senior Singles Tournament earlier this month at Oak Orchard Bowl in Albion.

Cashers in the six age classifications are as follows:

75-and-Up -- Frances Matthews, 738, $86; Dawn Bertrand, 701, $75; Grace Bogle, 662, $50.

70-74 -- Georgene Della Penna, 654, $85; Margie Page, 613, $65; Kathy Pacino, 608, $45.

65-69 -- Arlene Underhill, 608, $85; Patricia Gilbertson, 569, $55.

60-64 -- Chris Bovee, 735, $100; Dawn Luckenbach, 614, $85; Linda Johnson, 607, $75; Karen Moran, 604, $60.

55-59 -- Terry Gilman, 603, $80; Pam Jenks, 592, $60.

50-54 -- Becky Arft, 580, $55.

Photo: Reid Cole, left, and John Lowe, champion and runner-up, respectively, of the Genesee Region USBC Senior Masters on Saturday at Perry Bowling Center. Submitted photo.

Hard work paying off as Batavian James Townsend captures Triple O Mechanical bowling tournament

By Mike Pettinella


Batavian James Townsend said he was extremely nervous during the eliminator finals of the 14th annual Triple O Mechanical Singles Handicap Tournament on Sunday at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen.

Judging by his prolific bowling, however, you wouldn’t have believed him as the 23-year-old strapping right-hander powered his way to the title, defeating veteran kegler Jerry Blair of Le Roy in the title match, 269-232.

Townsend received 11 pins handicap (based on his 212 average) while Blair – won earned $250 – received nine pins handicap (based on his 214 average). Strikes in the seventh, eighth, ninth and on the first two balls in the 10th frames sealed the victory for the Batavian.

The victory was worth $500 for Townsend, an employee in the automotive department at Walmart and a “graduate” of the Turnbull Heating Junior League at his hometown Mancuso Bowling Center.

“After I made the cut (qualifying 14th with a 717 series -- 684 scratch), I was tremendously nervous,” said Townsend, who has put in the time to improve his game over the past couple years. “I’ve been shaking this entire time.”

His jitters didn’t affect his performance as he continually put his high-revving bowling ball in the 1-3 pocket and struck at a high rate to advance through the four rounds of the finals.

His scratch scores in the finals were 238, 245, 259 and 258. In the first round, he struck out in the 10th frame to advance, edging John Martorella Sr. of Rochester by three pins.

“I’ve been working on making adjustments on the lane and I’m really starting to develop my game and get smooth at the line,” Townsend said. “Being able to get to the line so smoothly has been the key to developing my game. I slowed down my arm swing, my arm speed and my ball speed, and that’s helped me to focus on each shot.”

He credited his improvement to the instruction offered as a youth bowler by his father, Paul, and more recently, by Brian Green, owner of Striking Effects Pro Shop at Mancuso’s.

“They’ve helped me and, basically, everyone has been on my side and I thank everybody very much,” said Townsend, who noted that he “lit the place up” after switching to the Roto Grip Haywire ball for the 3 p.m. qualifying squad after failing to make the cut on the 12:30 squad.

Reaching the semifinals, and earning $125 apiece, were Devon Leach of Batavia and Mark Brown of Attica.

Quarterfinalists ($80 each) were defending champion Mickey Hyde of Le Roy, Mark Mack of Le Roy, Ricky Zinone of Rochester and Marty Lindner of Scottsville. Hyde was the high qualifier with 801 for three games (771 scratch).

Those eliminated in the first round ($50 apiece) were Martorella, Jeff Dewar of Rochester, Sam Oddo of Batavia, Frank Fitzmaurice of Rochester, Pat Bruton of Rochester, Jim Pursel of Batavia, Ken Wilson of Batavia and Don Perrault of Rochester.

Fitzmaurice rolled a 300 game in the USBC-certified tournament that drew 66 entrants. The top 16 earned prize money.

Photo: Tom Sardou, left, proprietor of Rose Garden Bowl, congratulates James Townsend, first place, and Jerry Blair, second place, following Sunday's Triple O Mechanical Singles Handicap Tournament. Photo by Mike Pettinella.

Four flirt with perfect games in area league bowling

By Mike Pettinella

Four bowlers came oh so close to perfect games in Genesee Region USBC league bowling action this past week.

At Mancuso Bowling Center in Batavia, lefty Tom Baker and right James Townsend each recorded 299 games in the County Line Stone/Mancuso's Friday Night Trios League.

Baker left a 7-pin in on the final ball of the second game en route to a 768 series, while Townsend left a 10-pin in game two of his second game on his way to a 721 series.

At Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen, Tom Fluker posted a 298 game in a 747 series in the Wednesday Men's Handicap League and Dennis Meyer spun a 297 game in a 699 series in the Thursday Owls League.

For a list of high scores, click on the Pin Points tab at the top of this page.

Curtis Foss holds off Batavian Pursel for sixth Genesee Region USBC Masters championship

By Mike Pettinella


Medina’s Curtis Foss captured his sixth Genesee Region USBC Masters Tournament title on Sunday at Medina Lanes, holding off a spirited challenge from Batavian Jim Pursel to claim the $550 first prize.

Foss, 34, took a 53-point edge over Pursel into the position round final game of the eight-player Peterson Point round-robin match play finals. That meant that Pursel, 54, would have to beat Foss by 24 pins in the last game to claim his first Masters crown.

In Peterson Point competition, bowlers receive 30 points for a victory and plus or minus points based on their score when compared to 200.  So, if a bowler rolls a 220 game and wins the match, he would get 50 points.

Pursel, who averaged 247.7 for his eight games yesterday, defeated Foss, 238-237, in the decisive game, but it wasn’t enough to win the tournament as Foss finished with 572 Peterson Points to 550 for Pursel, who earned $280.

The final match was close throughout with both bowlers registered a string of strikes in the last half of the game. Foss entered the 10th frame on a three-timer and then spared and got nine on the last ball for the 237.  Pursel also had three in a row going into the 10th, and added two more strikes and nine for the 238.

“It was exciting,” said Foss. “Jim kept the pressure on me that’s for sure.”

Foss started the day with a bang by topping Scott Culp of Honeoye Falls, 267-234, in the opening match between No. 1 and No. 2 seeds from Saturday’s semifinals.

The high-revving right-hander went on to win six of his next seven matches, including a 279-214 victory over Pursel in game six.

Culp, the 2016 Masters champion, kept on his heels, however, riding a 289-258 win over Batavian Geoff Harloff in game six to pull within 50 points of Foss.

Game seven was a big one for Pursel as the 109 Peterson Points earned for his 279-160 win over Medina’s Hayden Allis put him within striking distance of Foss, who gained just 33 points with his 203-180 victory over Alex Allis of Medina.

Using Roto Grip Idol Pearl and Storm Axiom Pearl balls in the finals, Foss – who didn’t miss a spare in his 16 tournament games -- pointed to games six and seven as keys to his victory.

“The sixth game was huge, especially because Scott started with the first 10 strikes (en route to the 289), so I needed a big score,” Foss said. “In the seventh game (against Alex Allis), the pair we were on, 17-18, was really tricky and I was able to get four strikes at the end to get to 200 (actually 203) and win.”

Pursel put up big scores throughout the day, but ran into tough luck in his first three matches, losing 215-211 to Harloff in game one, 254-247 to Culp in game two and 269-255 to Jim Foss of Medina in game three before rallying to win four of his last five matches.

“I bowled well; a couple carries here and there could have made the difference, but all the bowlers got tapped at times,” said Pursel, another bowler who generates a lot of revolutions on the ball. “Give Curtis credit, he’s a horse and he’s tough to beat in these things. I have no problem losing to Curtis.”

Batavian Jason Quilliam placed third with 443 points, averaging 226 for the finals while compiling a 7-1 match play record. He posted victories over Culp in games seven and eight to jump into the third spot, good for $220.

Culp placed fourth with 433 points and won $190. He was followed by Jim Foss (321 points, $180), Harloff (304 points, $170), Alex Allis (182 points, $160) and Hayden Allis (177 points, $150). All of the finals are right-handers.

Other cashers from Saturday’s semifinals were Mark Brown of Attica, $110; John Ross of Middleport, $100; Matt Balduf of South Byron, $90, and Devon Leach of Batavia, $80.

Curtis Foss won his first Masters tournament in 2008 at Mancuso’s, and followed that with victories in 2009 at Oak Orchard Bowl in Albion, 2014 at Medina Lanes, 2015 at Letchworth Pines in Portageville and 2019 at Scopano’s Lanes in Oakfield. The tournament did not take place in 2020.

The two-day tournament drew 42 entries.

Previously: Culp, Foss are 1-2 heading into Masters bowling finals

Submitted photo: Mike Johnson, center, Genesee Region USBC president, congratulates Curtis Foss, left, and Jim Pursel after an exciting Masters Tournament finals.

Alexander's Charlie Say Jr. registers Bennington Lanes' first USBC-certified perfect game

By Mike Pettinella

Longtime bowler Charlie Say Jr. etched his name into the Bennington Lanes history book on Oct. 14 when he recorded the eight-lane center's first United States Bowling Congress-certified perfect game in the Thursday Night 4-Man League.

The 57-year-old right-hander – a member of the Say’s Small Engine team with his brothers, Jeff and Peter, and friend, Tony Stockus – rolled 12 consecutive strikes in the middle game of his series on lanes 5-6, using The Fix bowling ball by Radical.

A 175-180 average bowler, Say started with a 182 game.

He said he moved up a bit on the approach after that and got into a groove.

After the string of strikes reached nine, the nerves set in.

“I was OK up until then, but then I was really shaking,” said Say, whose previous string of strikes from the start of a game was seven.

He put the first two balls in the 10th frame in the 1-3 pocket, but the last one was pulled to the left.

“I thought I was going to get a split, but it turned out to be a solid Brooklyn strike,” he said.

Say finished with 160 for a 642 series. He said there have been a few 300 games in non-sanctioned leagues at Bennington Lanes but this was the first that will be certified by the USBC (qualifying him for a ring).

Bennington Lanes is part of the Greater Buffalo USBC.

In Genesee Region USBC action, Batavia left-hander Rich Wagner, who rolled an 899 series at Mancuso Bowling Center last season, added another 300 to his long list of honor scores this week.

Wagner posted his perfect game en route to a 783 series in the Wednesday Men’s Handicap League at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen, where he is averaging 241 for 18 games this season.

At Le Roy Legion Lanes, John Lowe came within a pin of perfection, leaving a 7-pin on the final ball for a 299 in the American Legion Thursday Night Men's League.

For a list of high scores, click on the Pin Points tab at the top of the home page.

Culp, Foss are 1-2 heading into Masters bowling finals

By Mike Pettinella

Honeoye Falls’ Scott Culp and Medina’s Curtis Foss, two of the Genesee Region USBC’s most prolific bowlers, nailed down the top two spots on Saturday for the eight-game Peterson Point match play finals of the 59th GRUSBC Masters Tournament at Medina Lanes.

The final round, which features the eight bowlers who advanced through eight games yesterday, begins at noon this afternoon.

Culp, a former Masters champion, averaged 249.6 for his eight games – tallying 1,997 pins on 1,020 in the qualifying round and 977 in the semifinals – to earn the No. 1 seed.

Foss, who rolled a 300 game in the qualifying round, knocked down 1,931 pins – 1,005 in qualifying and 926 in the semis. Foss will be looking for his sixth Masters crown.

The semifinals featured the top 12 of the 42 bowlers who entered the tournament, with the top eight advancing to the round-robin finals.

Jim Pursel of Batavia also cracked the 1,900 mark, finishing with a 279 final game to grab the No. 3 seed. Pursel had 934 in qualifying and 978 in the semis.

Rounding out the finals’ field of competitors who will be vying for the $550 first prize are:

  • Geoff Harloff of Batavia, 959-917—1,876;
  • Hayden Allis of Medina, 963-900—1,863;
  • Jason Quilliam of Batavia, 897-927—1,824;
  • Jim Foss of Medina, 958-852—1,810;
  • Alex Allis of Medina, 901-882—1,783.

Missing out, but cashing, were Mark Brown of Attica (1,763), John Ross of Middleport (1,740), Matt Balduf of South Byron (1,735) and Devon Leach of Batavia (1,691).

Gray Jr. 818; Townsend, Vallance, Quilliam roll 300 games

By Mike Pettinella

Update: Oct. 18, 9:30 a.m. (see below):

Genesee Region USBC bowlers produced a trio of perfect games and an 818 series in league competition over the past week.

Kevin Gray Jr. of Warsaw was on target at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen, spinning the 818 on games of 279, 261 and 278 on lanes 7-8 in the Thursday Owls League. The left-hander is averaging 223 thus far this season.

All three 300 games came at Mancuso Bowling Center in Batavia, with James Townsend posting his in the Antique World Tuesday Coed League, Jeremy Vallance getting his in the Toyota of Batavia Thursday 5-Man (in a 767 effort) and Jason Quilliam notching his in the County Line Stone/Mancuso's Friday Trios League (in a 735 effort).

For a list of high scores through today, click on the Pin Points tab at the top of the home page. 

The first Genesee Region USBC tournament of the season is scheduled for Oct. 23-24 at Medina Lanes -- the 59th Masters, a scratch singles event.

An entry form can be found at or on the GRUSBC's Facebook page.


Tom Allis, organizer of the Sunday Rolloffs League at Medina Lanes, reported this morning that Christopher "Buddy" Foss rolled his first 300 game yesterday in league competition.

"Buddy" is the son of Jim Foss, who recently assumed ownership of the 20-lane center on Maple Ridge Road.


Masters bowling tournament is Oct. 23-24 at Medina Lanes; two senior events scheduled for November

By Press Release

Press release

A $1,000 first prize, based on 80 entries, is being offered to the winner of the 59th Genesee Region USBC Masters Tournament, which is scheduled for Oct. 23-24 at Medina Lanes.

The scratch singles tournament features two four-game qualifying rounds on Saturday – at 12:30 and 3:30 p.m. The top 16 bowlers will advance to a four-game semifinal round at 6:30 p.m.

On Sunday, the top eight bowlers (eight-game totals) will compete in an eight-game Peterson Point match play finals starting at noon. In Peterson Point competition, points are awarded for winning a match and awarded (or deducted) for score in relation to 200.

The entry fee is $60. The top 16 will receive prize money.

To enter, contact Mike Johnson at 585-297-6040 or AJ Allenbrandt at 585-813-4465.

Two GRUSBC senior tournaments are set for November.

  • Oak Orchard Bowl in Albion will host the 36th Gladys Ford Memorial Women’s Senior Singles Tournament on Nov. 6-7 with squad times both days at 1 p.m. Entry fee is $30.

Bowlers will roll three games, with their choice of the day they wish to compete. Participants will be divided into six age classifications -- 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74 and 75 & over.

  • Perry Bowling Center will host the 16th annual Senior Masters, a scratch singles tournament offering $350 for first place, based on 48 entries. The entry fee is $40.

Qualifying squads are at 1 and 3 p.m., with semifinals and finals to follow.

Entry forms for the tournaments can be found at

Devon Leach marks return to action with 802 series

By Mike Pettinella

It seems as though Batavian Devon Leach has made it all the way back from injuries sustained in a car accident last November.

The 27-year-old right-hander registered his first United States Bowling Congress-certified 800 series earlier this week in the Mancuso Realty Monday Doubles League at Mancuso Bowling Center -- coming through with two strikes and 9 pins in the 10th frame for an 802.

His games were 279 (with the front nine strikes), 245 and 278 (with the front six strikes).

Leach, an employee of Immaculate Cleaning and Removal in Batavia, suffered shoulder and back injuries in the accident just before Thanksgiving and had to sit out the rest of the bowling season.

He's making up for lost time, averaging 221 over the first several weeks, using a Roto Grip UFO Alert bowling ball.

Elsewhere around the Genesee Region USBC, Naomi Hyde rolled a 277 game and 636 series in the Tompkins Insurance Monday NFL League at Mancuso's, while Harris Busmire had a 297 game and 767 series in the Wednesday Men's Handicap League at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen.

For a list of high scores, click on the Pin Points tab at the top of the home page.


Batavian Roger Stone rolls first USBC-certified 300 game

By Mike Pettinella

After taking last season off, Batavian Roger Stone is back in action on the lanes as a member of the newly-formed County Line Stone Trios League at Mancuso Bowling Center.

The retired Genesee County Sheriff's investigator made up for lost time on Friday by registering his first United States Bowling Congress-certified 300 game en route to a 718 series.

The 66-year-old right-hander said every ball was solid in the 1-3 pocket on lanes 17-18.

"They all were right there," he said. "When I had nine in a row, I just thought, 'Hit my mark.'"

Among those to congratulate him was his wife and teammate, Mary Ann. He also bowls with Bruce Kraus, while his brother-in-law, Fred Gravanda, was bowling on the pair next to him.

Stone's previous high game was 299 and he also had 298 and a couple 290 games.

Jason Quilliam, also of Batavia, flirted with an 800 series, posting 278-268-244--790, while Tom Baker rolled 717 and Alex Van Scooter 701.

At Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen, Batavian Rich Wagner spun 280--764 to lead the way in the Wednesday Men's Handicap League.

For a list of high scores, click on the Pin Points tab at the top of the home page.

Six post perfect games on Genesee Region lanes

By Mike Pettinella

Genesee Region USBC league bowlers are back on the lanes and, if the first four weeks of the season are any indication, there will be plenty of honor scores this season.

Bowling center proprietors and managers have reported six 300 games, with three of them coming at Mount Morris Lanes.

Bowlers reaching perfection thus far are as follows:

  • Sept. 8: Rodney Jopson, Wednesday Men's Handicap, Rose Garden Bowl, Bergen;
  • Sept. 8: Duane Barrett, Wednesday Night Classic, Mount Morris Lanes;
  • Sept. 18: Dave Lohmer, Saturday Night Mixed, Mount Morris Lanes;
  • Sept. 22: Chris George, Wednesday Night Classic, Mount Morris Lanes;
  • Sept. 23: Mike Bramer, Thursday Night Intertown, Letchworth Pines, Portageville;
  • Sept. 24: Curtis Foss, Rick & Morty Doubles, Oak Orchard Bowl, Albion.

For a list of high scores last week, click on the Pin Points tab at the top of the home page.

Bowling league secretary meetings set for Aug. 10, 12

By Press Release

Press release:

The Genesee Region USBC Board of Directors has scheduled meetings for league secretaries to pick up supplies for the 2021-22 season for Tuesday, Aug. 10 at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen and Thursday, Aug. 12 at Mount Morris Lanes. Both meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m.

The meeting in Bergen is set up for secretaries at the following bowling centers: Medina Lanes, Oak Orchard Bowl in Albion, Mancuso Bowling Center in Batavia, Legion Lanes in Le Roy and Rose Garden Bowl.

The meeting in Mount Morris is set up for secretaries from Mount Morris Lanes, Perry Bowling Center, Livingston Lanes in Geneseo and Letchworth Pines in Portageville.

Association Manager Mike Pettinella will have kits prepared for the secretaries and will go over different areas of the GRUSBC program, including changes for the coming season.  New President Mike Johnson also plans to be at the meetings.

League secretaries of record will be notified by telephone later this week.

Bowling association caps season by inducting three into Hall of Fame, applauding Wagner's 899 series

By Press Release


2021 Genesee Region USBC Hall of Fame inductees, from left, Matt Balduf, Mark Brown and Brian Weber.


Guest speaker Tommy Kress with Rich and Jennifer Wagner.

Press Release from Genesee Region USBC:

The Genesee Region USBC on Saturday night celebrated the completion of a successful 2020-21 league and tournament season by inducting Brian Weber of Perry, Matt Balduf of South Byron and Mark Brown of Attica into the Hall of Fame and honoring Batavian Rich Wagner for his remarkable 899 series.

About 80 association members and guests attended the GRUSBC annual awards banquet at Batavia Downs Gaming. Tommy Kress of Hilton, New York State USBC and Rochester NY USBC Hall of Famer, was the guest speaker.

Weber and Balduf were enshrined in the Achievement Regular category and Brown was inducted into the Meritorious Service category.

Weber thanked former Perry Bowling Center owner Bill Beachner and current owners Brett and Joann Van Duser for supporting him on the lanes, which enabled him to win numerous association tournaments and events throughout Western New York. He has recorded more than 20 perfect games and two 800 series, posting honor scores in six different GRUSBC bowling centers.

Balduf thanked his wife, Darleen, for giving him the freedom to bowl in tournaments on the weekends, and his teammates, especially Mike Johnson of Batavia, whom he paired with in 2018 to win the association doubles crown. Balduf has 10 300 games, including a perfect game in a PBA Experience League on a demanding “Sport” lane condition. He also has three 800 series, with a high of 836.

Brown thanked his parents, Jerry and Donna Davis, and his wife, Penny, for encouraging and assisting him in running tournaments at local bowling centers, most of them for charitable causes. He credited Frank Formicola of Rochester, a noted tournament promoter, for instilling in him the need to distribute entry forms to area halls in an effort to attract bowlers to his events.


Following the Hall of Fame ceremony, association officials surprised Wagner with a special “shadow box” award recognizing his 300-300-299—899 series on Feb. 11 in the Toyota of Batavia Thursday 5-Man League at Mancuso Bowling Center.

Wagner’s wife, Jennifer, shared her thoughts on the accomplishment – noting that the left-hander now has 44 perfect games, with the first one coming at the age of 15.

“We are all so proud of you and are excited to see what else you’re able to achieve,” she said. “Continue to stay humble but also stay hungry.”

Wagner, upon receiving the award from Association President Gary Kuchler, said he couldn’t feel his legs for the final six frames of that eventful night but managed to hit the 1-2 pocket each time – even on the final ball which resulted in the 6-pin standing.

“I played all sports growing up and baseball in college, but I never thought that it would be in bowling where I would be the most nervous,” he said.

Nevertheless, his 899 is the best in the nation thus far this season, which officially ends on July 31.


Other honorees were youth bowlers Haylee Thornley of Batavia and Jayden Neal of Albion, 12th graders who received $750 and $500 scholarships, respectively, from the GRUSBC.

Thornley will be attending Daemen College to study Physical Therapy and Neal will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology to study Robotics & Manufacturing Technology.

Kress shared stories from his illustrious amateur and professional career, which includes a dozen local tournament victories, as many Rochester NY USBC association titles and more than 30 top 24 finishes on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour.

Major accomplishments include a second place finish in the 1985 USBC Masters, highlighted by match play victories over legends Earl Anthony and Pete Weber on television, and leading the qualifying of the 1980 Quaker State Open in Grand Prairie, Texas.


His message was that everyone should follow their dreams and don’t listen to those who say you’re not good enough.

“They said that I wasn’t good enough because I have a short backswing, but I didn’t listen to them,” he said. “I practiced and developed my game, what works for me, and I went into each match with confidence,” he said.

Kress, who is enshrined in the Frontier Field Walk of Fame, continues to excel on the lanes, despite two knee replacements. Two months ago, he rolled a 300 game in the Rochester Senior Masters – giving him perfect games in six consecutive decades.

Mike Pettinella, GRUSBC association manager, served as master of ceremonies. He thanked all of the bowling center employees for their hard work under stressful conditions created by COVID-19.

"It is important to recognize the proprietors, managers and their staffs for keeping their centers open -- having to disinfect and follow the guidelines -- so that we were able to enjoy the sport that we love," he said. 

The GRUSBC also presented plaques to its association tournament winners and season leaders.

Association Tournament

Open Team, Oak Orchard Bowl, Albion, Ben Lennox, Matt Baker, Richard Heise, Robbie Hanks; Women’s Team, Brown II, Le Roy, Judy Blaun, Donna Davis, Robin Blaun, Penny Brown.

Open Doubles, Todd Mortellaro and Scott Shields, Batavia; Women’s Doubles, Patricia Gilbertson and Jeanne Rosa, Perry.

Open Singles, Harris Busmire Jr., Bergen; Women’s Singles, Katy Bzduch, Perry.

Open All-Events, Nathan Cordes, Batavia; Women’s All-Events, Rachel Huntz, Perry.

Season Leaders


High Game, Men – 300, 32 perfect games; High Series, Men, Rich Wagner, 899; High Average, Men, Curtis Foss, Medina, 249; High Game, Women, Amy Allis, Medina, 287; High Series, Women, Diane Hurlburt, Warsaw, 738; High Average, Women, Hurlburt, 201.

Foss’ 249 average is an association record.


High Game, Boys, Gavin Baney, Albion, 278; High Series, Boys, Ryleigh Culver, Medina, 751; High Average, Boys, Culver, 195; High Game, Girls, Thornley, 257; High Series, Girls, Juliana Allis, Medina, 676; High Average, Girls, Allis, 184.


Grand prize drawing winners for $500 each were Jamie Watson of Leicester, Darleen Balduf of South Byron and Samantha Bacon of Pike. Twenty-five dollars winners were John Kamakaris of Geneseo, Tiffany Jewell of Holley and Mark Brown.

In an election for president, Johnson defeated Kuchler and will begin a three-year term on Aug. 1. Directors Pat Fuller of Medina, Tom Sardou of Bergen and Sharon Willett of Mount Morris were re-elected for another three years.


Scholarship winners Haylee Thornley and Jayden Neal with President Gary Kuchler.


Tournament champions, front, Patricia Gilbertson and Jeanne Rosa; back, Penny Brown, Donna Davis and Robbie Hanks.


President Gary Kuchler with Curtis Foss, who averaged a record 249 this season.

Genesee Region USBC bowling association set to induct Balduf, Weber, Brown into its Hall of Fame

By Press Release

Press release from Genesee Region USBC:

Genesee Region USBC’s Association Banquet and Hall of Fame Dinner is scheduled for 6 p.m. next Saturday (May 8) at Batavia Downs Gaming and will by highlighted by the induction of three longtime accomplished members – Matt Balduf of South Byron and Brian Weber of Perry in the Achievement Regular category and Mark Brown of Attica in the Meritorious Service category.

Attendance is limited to 100 persons due to COVID-19 restrictions and openings are available. Cost of the buffet dinner is $30. Those wishing to attend are asked to send an email to no later than noon Monday.

Balduf has made his mark in local tournament and league competition over the past 15 years, capturing the association tournament team title in 2019 as a member of Team Johnson and teaming with Mike Johnson to win the doubles crown in 2018 with a 1,506 score. In this year’s tournament, he placed fifth in the doubles with a 741 series – 736 scratch -- at Le Roy Legion Lanes.

The 53-year-old right-hander has 10 USBC-certified 300 games – six at Mancuso Bowling Center, three at Clarence Bowling Academy and one at Legion Lanes. The 300 game at Legion Lanes came during an 815 series, which is the best ever at the Le Roy hall.

He also had a 300 game in the PBA League at Mancuso’s in 2009, bowling on a more difficult “Sport” condition.

Balduf registered three other 800 series, with an 836 in December 2018 at Mancuso’s as his best. He has averaged better than 200 in league play every year since 2001, topped by a 223 mark in 2014-15 and 2019-20.

Other tournament titles include the Ron Riggi Memorial in Le Roy, Frank Velletta Memorial Triples in Oakfield, and Johnson-Ianni Doubles in Corfu. He rolled an 814 series in tournament play at Roseland Bowl in Canandaigua and, this year, placed second in the GRUSBC Scratch Memorial Tournament at Perry Bowling Center.

Weber, a 48-year-old righty, has compiled numerous tournament victories during a prolific amateur career. He has won 10 association tourney titles (team, doubles, singles) and the GRUSBC Scratch Eliminator (and placed second three times) and placed second in the Batavia Masters.

Additional tournament titles include the Valley View Open (Warsaw), Mancuso’s Scratch Open, Mancuso’s King & Queen, Lilac City in Rochester, Wild Irish Rose in Canandaigua, Domm’s Christmas Eve in Rochester and Riggi Memorial.

Weber also is a four-time Amateur Bowling Tour champion, and placed in the top 24 in the True Amateur Tournament in Las Vegas and in the top 10 in doubles at the Hoinke Classic in Cincinnati, Ohio.

He also has more than 20 perfect games and two 800 series – one of them on a “Sport” shot during the MR Eliminator Tournament in Rochester. All told, he has rolled honor scores in six different GRUSBC bowling centers.

Bowling predominately in leagues at Perry Bowling Center, which features a more challenging “house” shot, Weber averaged 217 in 2005-06.

Brown has established himself as the director of several tournaments each season, many of them conducted to raise money for a charitable cause and/or in memory of a deceased Genesee County bowler.

The co-owner of the former Attica Lanes with his parents, Jerry and Donna Davis, Brown’s service to bowling has touched the lives of many people. Most recently, he ran the tournament portion of a fundraiser that generated more than $8,000 to help Batavian Tanya Harmon with her medical bills as she battles cancer.

Brown, 50, created the Curt Haight Memorial Tournament at Mancuso’s several years ago and continues to run a half-dozen events each year at Mancuso’s or Legion Lanes. He also created the Ron Riggi Memorial in Le Roy, which just completed its 18th year – and has raised close to $10,000 in scholarships for youth bowlers.

A past GRUSBC director, Brown coordinates the King & Queen Mixed Doubles Tournament at Mancuso’s each year, usually filling it with bowlers from throughout Western New York. He also created and runs the Brian Morasco Memorial Tournament to benefit Genesee Cancer Assistance and the Genesee County Arthritis Foundation.

He also has codirected the NYS American Legion Tournament at Legion Lanes and, with hall manager Scott O’Neill, has submitted a bid to host it again.

While Brown, with help from his wife, Penny, has dedicated himself to running fair and enjoyable events, he also is an avid bowler, competing in several leagues over the years. Among his achievements on the lanes are 300 games at Brockport Bowl and Mancuso Bowling Center.

Next Saturday’s banquet also will honor seasonal league leaders and tournament champions and GRUSBC scholarship recipients, and will be capped by the association’s “grand prize” drawing where $1,600 will be given away.

Tommy Kress of Rochester, a New York State USBC Hall of Famer and former Professional Bowlers Association Tour member, will be the guest speaker.

Bowlers, merchants, individuals rally together to raise $8,000 for Batavian Tanya Harmon

By Mike Pettinella

The Genesee Region bowling and business communities proved that they had plenty to “spare” when it came time to support a Batavia woman suffering from Stage III cervical cancer.

Forty-eight three-person teams gathered this afternoon over two shifts to participate in a no-tap (nine or 10 pins on the first ball equals a strike) handicap tournament at Mancuso Bowling Center.

And even before the last ball was thrown, tournament workers announced that $7,810 had been raised – money that will go toward mounting medical expenses for Tanya Harmon, 41, who has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

“There’s not much to say other than a heartfelt, ‘Thank you,’ to everyone who participated and donated,” said Ed Doody, who along with Geoff Harloff organized the fundraiser for Harmon, a mother of two teenage sons who is on disability from her job at Angelica Textile Services Inc.

Doody was in charge of soliciting donations from local businesses and some outside of Genesee County -- close to 100 baskets, gift certificates and other prizes were spread across several tables – while Harloff, Mark and Penny Brown, Kim Starken, Heather Johnson, Dan Cone, Rich Underhill Sr., Mady Underhill and Susan Harloff helped out with various aspects of the event. Doody also said he accepted individual cash donations as well.

Doody and Harloff are good friends with Harmon and her boyfriend, Dan Campbell.

When the monetary figure was announced, Harmon broke down in tears as she received hugs from her friends and her mother, Sheila Meyer (photo above left).

The $7,810 later increased to $8,110 after Doody reported that one of the teams donated its winnings.

On the lanes, the team of Chase Cone, Phil Young and Rich Wagner captured the $750 first prize with a score of 2,623 with handicap.

Seven other teams earned prize money:

Second Place – Sam Oddo, Matt Baker, Alex Morris / 2,454, $400;

Third Place – Josh Elliott, Carley King, Tom Baker / 2,429, $300;

Fourth Place – Kyle Johnson, Gregg Wolff, Mike Johnson / 2,422, $230;

Fifth Place – Mark Brown, Traci Spanitz, Rob Gustke / 2,385, $220;

Sixth Place – Fred Gravanda, Rick Saunders, Mike Pettinella / 2,372, $210;

Seventh Place – Brady Weber, Brian Weber, Chris Bardol / 2,341, $200;

Eighth Place – Matt Nolan, Teagan Miller, Paul Baney / 2,311, $180.


From left, Devin Harmon, Tanya's son; Dan Campbell; Ed Doody, Tanya Harmon; Mark Brown and Geoff Harloff at today's benefit no-tap bowling tournament at Mancuso Bowling Center. Photos by Mike Pettinella.

Previously: Bowlers 'roll' up their sleeves to support Batavia woman diagnosed with cervical cancer

Cline 833, Culp 826, Lawrence 300 lead the way in Genesee Region USBC league bowling action

By Press Release

Press release from the Genesee Region USBC:

Left-hander Brian Cline of Middleport and righty Scott Culp of Honeoye Falls, two of the Genesee Region USBC's most accomplished tournament bowlers, added to their long list of league honor scores this week with 800 series at Medina Lanes and Livingston Lanes in Geneseo, respectively.

Cline rolled 278-278-277--833 in the Wednesday Community League for the association's second best series this season (behind Rich Wagner's 899, of course). On Feb. 10, Cline posted 266-267-279--812 in the same league.

Culp registered 279-268-279--826 in the Ontario-Livingston League for the GRUSBC's third highest series this season.

Elsewhere around the GRUSBC:

-- Ron Lawrence rolled a 300 game en route to a 672 series and Wagner rolled a 290 game to cap a 734 series in the Toyota of Batavia Thursday 5-Man at Mancuso Bowling Center. Lawrence has been hot of late as he recorded an 810 series last month in the GRUSBC Association Tournament.

-- Kevin Gray Sr. of Honeoye Falls rolled 299 in a 740 series in the Thursday Owls League at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen.

For a list of high scores, click on the Pin Points tab at the top of this page.

Harloff spins 300 game in Thursday league at Mancuso's; Jarkiewicz 750 in Bergen

By Mike Pettinella

Batavia right-hander Geoff Harloff, battling tendonitis in his bowling hand of late, rolled through the pain Thursday night to record a 300 game in the Toyota of Batavia 5-Man League at Mancuso Bowling Center.

Bowling on lanes 13-14 for the Eastown Beverage team, Harloff, 45, started with 12 strikes in a row for his first perfect game at Mancuso's, He has three other USBC-certified 300 games, all at Clarence Bowling Academy, where he competes in a league on Monday nights.

He finished with a 698 series to raise his average to 216.

A pair of left-handers, Rich Wagner and Gary Kuchler, took top honors for the night with 714 and 705, respectively,

Elsewhere around the Genesee Region USBC:

  • Frank Jarkiewicz of South Byron popped a 279 game en route to a 750 series in the Wednesday Handicap League at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen;
  • Rick Howe of Le Roy made it two straight 700 sets with a 269--738 in the American Legion Thursday Night Men's League at Le Roy Legion Lanes.
  • Matt Hurlburt led the way in the Thursday Night League at Perry Bowling Center with a 726 series.

For a list of high scores, click on the Pin Points tab at the top of this page.

Youth bowlers excel in Pepsi regional, local tournaments

By Mike Pettinella



Genesee Region USBC youth bowlers Gavin Slocum of Perry, left, and Carter Armijo of Warsaw, right, placed first and second, respectively, in the New York State Youth Pepsi Region 2 Tournament at AMF Fairview Lanes in Fairport.

Slocum took top honors in the Boys U8 Division with a three-game total of 423 in the scratch singles tournament, which features multiple age group categories.

His game scores were 146, 146 and 131, and his total was the best of any Boys U8 bowlers in the 10 regions of the state.

Recently, he rolled a 201 game in the GR Youth Travel League at his hometown Perry Bowling Center. He has a 127 average and a high series of 508.

Armijo placed second in the Boys U10 Division with a 449 three-game series – 23 pins behind first-place Matthew Getty of Rochester. His games were 123, 198 and 228.

He, too, rolled a 200 game earlier this season in the T.F. Brown’s Adult-Child League at Mancuso Bowling Center, and he posted a 131 average.

Both boys will receive scholarships from the New York State USBC for their efforts.


In the season-ending no-tap tournament of the Turnbull Heating Junior League at Mancuso’s, 11-year-old Jacey Wagner of Batavia (photo at left) placed first with a three-game total of 420, a remarkable score considering her 75 average.

In the NYS BPA scholarship tournament, Ashlynn Shisler of Batavia placed third in regional competition in the Grade 4 & Under division.

The Genesee Region USBC Youth Travel League resumes at 1 p.m. Sunday with position round competition at Legion Lanes in Le Roy.

The league will close its season on April 18 with a no-tap tournament and banquet at Mancuso Bowling Center.

For more information, go to


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